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  1. She'd probably agree herself with your description so far - but an 'elite luvvie'? Your having a laffa, Jaffa ! She was a mental health nurse. The best comedy threatens power and the abuse of power. It wasn't so long ago that Mr Farage was threatening to take up arms and march on Parliament if Brexit wasn't delivered. Although the outrageous milkshake attack did lead to him waving to his supporters from the safety of the top floor of a bus for a couple of hours.
  2. :huh:Deaf ears!? Hardly. Lots of supporters online. Been a couple of court cases re Tent City 1 and 2. Politicians , police, housing charities, business people, etc involved/expressing views. Maybe those with the deaf ears just don't care. The homeless law in England involves several "tests" - being homeless just entitles you to a bit of advice. If you don't have "priority need" (ie. children, serious health issues, etc ) you may end up on the streets. Though there is a bill currently in Westminster that, if it became law, would entitle all homeless people temp accommodation for a month and help to sort longer term housing out. Which you currently get in Scotland and Wales but not England! In my experience most homeless officers really care and try to help these vulnerable people. They don't make the law or have the power or control what resources are available to help homeless people. If you want to be informed on the subject, check out Shelter or Crisis' websites. Expert view also says the majority of people are only a couple of month's salary away from homelessness (ie redundancy, health issues, etc). Scary stuff. Learn and resist.
  3. ;)Think they are the only family who are allowed out of Leeds and that only after years of therapy. Leeds is different. People are colder and don't seem to have a great sense of humour. Maybe because it has a big service/financial sector. Sheffield city of makers...more creative? Great book (and film) about Brian Clough's 44 days as Leeds Utd manager - called Damned United. Work of genius by David Peace. And of course the Great Alan Bennet comes from Leeds - but soon got out.
  4. :hihi:You guys sound like the proverbial pair of pensioners on the park bench: Oo, it is windy! No, I'm sure it's Thursday. So am I, lets go and get a drink. :confused:Wake up! Yes, it's Tent City 3. Battle between Council and Anthony C, leader of LIFE charity. Been going on all winter. In your city! Anthony is trying to help street homeless people/rough sleepers - though he does like a few expletives. but his heart is in the right place, I think. Council keep evicting him and the people he helps. Search for Tent City, Sheffield - loads online and Anthony is a very passionate speaker. Thousands of followers. Lots of support from young people, I think, who understand the housing crisis on a personal level. Rough sleeping has increased massively all over the UK in the last few years - and this includes Govt figures. Property ownership still seems to come before people, hence why squatting was made a criminal offence a few years ago. But should the homeless have "new" tents? Mmmm....interesting. Bless
  5. [/b] Where? Down the back of the sofa? HAs get most of their income from rents so if they have empty prperties their income will go down. And if demand (the market) has declined they are not going to attract Govt funding or lending from a bank.
  6. If you wouldn't read it if they paid you, how do you know so much about it to make such a razor sharp analysis? Bet you read it tucked inside your Daily Mail.
  7. Yes it was much better in the good old days with all that warm and friendly racism, domestic violence, class distinction, homophobia, etc. I really miss having a 4 year old child to stuff up the chimney when it needs cleaning. Political correctness does have some miss-guided interpretations but that is the sharp end of a whole raft of measures that have allowed people fair opportunities and to be judged on their abilities, not just how they appear. As the Royal British Legion has often pointed out, we'd all be speaking German if it wasn't for the millions of non-white soldiers from the British Empire who fought alongside us in both world wars. But I suppose you would have wanted to check they could speak English before you'd let them fight for us. There was even Indian and Guarkha regiments base in Sheffield for a period in WWII. Lucky they didn't learn about some of the yellow bellies on here they were fighting for.
  8. Like you are too lazy to think beyond your initial reactionary thought. What expertise do you have to make your statement. It's all guesses. For example, I might think the rumours about people from Penistone and sheep are true. But I wouldn't state it without doing a bit of field observation first. Don't we give droves of old codgers in the House of Lords £300 a day to snooze away of the plush leather. Now that is a shocking waste of money compared to helping someone understand a service or a legal notification. Bahhh...
  9. They are not exactly coming here in sunglasses and shorts for a two week holiday. Many of the people SCC are assisting will be refugees who have fled persecution and violence. Do you ever watch the news? When do you expect them to learn English? Between the water-boarding sessions? I used to work with Kurdish refugees in London who had fled Iraq. Several of them had disabilities and visible injuries from torture. Ironically most of them were incredibly keen to learn English and find work and were very grateful for the safe haven this country offered them. What do you and your jack-boots think of that?
  10. Hi Ali, Do you cover the Crookes area? Depending on work changes, I may need a dog walker in April/May. Thanks
  11. Who's the moron? You are so angry.....You need to take a pill or start getting some... or getting some more. Are you the language police or something? Chalkboard seems perfectly descriptive to me (your own definition). Anyway, I thought all the blackboards were green in the '70's! And I think you would find it would be an offence to use that word in certain circumstances or contexts - you could be charged with inciting racial hatred. Switch your brain on, Penistone. There's no such thing as an "illegal" word. You can't even be arrested for calling someone STUPID. Why don't you come into the 21st century. It's lovely and warm.
  12. We have a staffy aged around 7. Got him from the dog pound 18 months ago. He's a big softy and loves people and very friendly with other dogs. But so many other dog owners get out of the way (dragging their dog with them) when they see us walking towards them. What's the problem? Any views?
  13. What! So it was preferable to lock up thousands of people with even mild learning disabilities in secure units? You are havin' a laugh. Assaults by people with mental health issues are rare. Such a person is much more likely to be the victim of an assault. But guess which stories the media tends to follow.
  14. Sorry! Are you seriously asking me? Local authorities are obliged by various laws to provide certain services. Housing applications are governed by law. Health and safety puts legal duties on local authorities. Social services - care provision, to both vulnerable adults and children. etc. These are just a few examples that spring to mind. Our legal system requires that any legal notifications are reasonably understood by an applicant/client. The Govt makes law. Or do you think it reasonable that you provide, say, a refugee who makes a homeless application a legal notification they are unable to understand? I think it's great that people have and express opinions but when they are so uninformed and outside of the real-life context it becomes rather pointless. ---------- Post added 20-02-2015 at 22:23 ---------- Derrrr.... Perhaps if you are so grown up Mossdog you would like to support your statement with a bit of reasoned argument. Or maybe you have yet to reach that evolutionary stage. What do you disagree with? Why?
  15. Not sure why I decided to re-join this forum. Still full of reactionary big-mouths. Small hearted and even smaller brains. SCC has legal duties and will have to use translation services, sometimes, to meet these. You would have to see the details to sustain many negative views on here. But don't let that stop you sounding off. Personally I'd rather live in a country that provides a safe haven for people who have had to flee persecution, even if it means a few bad 'uns sneak through. And immigration does provide a net financial gain to the country - and that came from a Tory administration. So what's the problem?
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