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  1. We are now holding fortnightly grooming sessions at our kennels - Sunday the 26th of April 12pm - 5pm All breeds are welcome - we do need you to book your dog in with us so we have adequate time slots to give your dog the full pampering he/she deserves. We are offering the following: Dog bathing, ears cleaned, nails clipped, blasting of the undercoat out, professional dryer which your dog will slowly be introduced too and not put under any stress at all. Holistic flea treatment if requested. We use only the best professional grooming shampoo's and conditioners. All monies raised are donated directly to Cefni German Shepherd Rescue for the ever increasing kennel and vet bills. All breed of dogs welcome - prices are as follows: Dog weight approx. 1-20kg £10 Dog weight approx 21kg - 30kg £15 Dog weight approx 31kg onwards £20 25% discount for 2nd dog groomed on the same day. We also have training leads, slip leads, head collars and sample bottles of grooming shampoo available to purchase on the day. If you would like to purchase Cefni GSD Rescue Merchandise we also have mugs and keyrings available from the reception. We are holding our grooming at Lindrick Boarding Kennels & Cattery, Worksop, Nottinghamshire. To book your dog in with us - please call 07894881484
  2. Many owners struggle with socialising their dogs in a safe supervised way, going to the woods and letting them off is always a risk which owners should not take, many other owners are irresponsible and allow their unruly dogs off and they come to your lovely doggie and attack, causing harm to both your dog and sometimes to yourselves too. We will be holding weekly socialising gatherings at our kennels in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, in a safe, secure and fun way. The socialising will be fully supervised by our resident dog trainers and our helpers on the day too. **ALL BREEDS** welcome, no matter at what stage of training your dog is at, we will welcome you and your dog to the classes and work with you and your dog. We will also be offering advanced socialising groups, pack walks and 1on1 training shortly. All our socialising and training is based 100% on positive rewarding only, we do not believe in punishment nor using any other training methods ie. electric collars, prong collars, kicking, punching, slapping, or restraining the dog in a manipulative aggressive way. If you are interested in attending please get in touch we do have a max. space of 20 dogs on the day, so we do advise booking with us. You can attend just 1 or every week, we are here to help you and your dog, having fun and allowing our amazing dogs be the dogs they are. Our socialising groups is starting on Sunday 3rd of May 1030am-1230pm at Lindrick Boarding Kennels & Cattery, Worksop, Nottinghamshire (on the main A57 between Junction 31 off the M1 and Worksop). We will have doggie items for sale on the day, leads, training leads, collars, toys, treats, home-made treats etc. All proceeds from the social gathering are donated direct to Cefni German Shepherd Rescue Entry is £5 per dog - or if you have 2 dogs which attend on the day it is £7 for 2 dogs. Come and join in, have fun, watch your dog socialise in a fun supervised way. you can call 07894881484 or 07572175701 to book in with us.
  3. Aww bless you I'm very sorry to hear that. It's heartbreaking isn't it. And thank you
  4. Any dog no matter where they've come from in the wrong hands can have problems and if people are willing to rescue which comes with help and advice I'd rather rescue and adopt than get a dog off gumtree where so many people lie just to quickly get rid of their dog if you know what I mean ---------- Post added 18-01-2015 at 23:05 ---------- I have just liked your page on facebook so I will share the dogs as I'm in a fair few groups where the dogs can be posted and run a page for dogs over 5
  5. Time and patience and a little understanding is what they need. Some people don't understand that sometimes as they think things will happen overnight and then bounce the dog back to the kennels which sets the dog back even more. Very pleased you have taken the time to allow yours to settle down and now he's a part of your family. Rescuing a dog is very rewarding for both the dog and the family who adopt them
  6. Thank you and I can understand where you are coming from. Many people feel the same but I think rescue dogs are more appreciative especially when they've come out of a home where they were shown no love. Yes some do have problems but with the right training , patience, love and attention it's brilliant to see the turn around from a dog who was terrified of humans and wouldn't come near you to a dog who won't leave your side and just wants to give you a slobby kiss
  7. Anyone know the real story of what happened to Sally Clark ? I heard she died in a fire saving her horses
  8. Are you looking to do something worthwhile and have decided to rescue a dog? Specifically a German Shepherd? If so Cefni Gsd Rescue is a nationwide rescue and some of the dogs are still with the owners or are in foster but most of them are in kennels. Please check out their website to have a look at all the dogs currently available for adoption. Thank you
  9. Do you enjoy walking? Meeting new people? Then why not come along to the first Cefni gsd Rescue dog walk of 2015 at Kiveton Park, Sheffield, S26 6QX 07/02/2015 1230-330 Approx 2 miles round trip We will have our kennel dogs attending and some of our rehomed dogs too, it would be lovely to walk with you and help keep your dogs and ours socialised all under supervision. HOMEMADE DOG TREATS AVAILABLE ON THE DAY made by our own lovely volunteers and tested by our much loved kennel dogs. We will have some items for sale on the day which will help raise much needed funds for our kennel dogs. We will be charging £1 for admission to the walk which is solely used for the escalating kennel bill we have every month. *****Problem dogs are welcome - they will be supervised and you will be able to walk at a steady pace with very well balanced and non-reactive dogs to help your dog to develop their socialising skills ***
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