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  1. We visited the Butcher and Block at Broomhill, just after Christmas and the Thai restaurant, which used to be in the Travellers at Holmesfield, is now across the road from the Butcher and Block. I'm not sure of the name of the restaurant but my son knows the lady who ran the business and popped in to say hello to her.
  2. I attended Southey Green infant and junior school from 1956 - 1962. I can remember Miss Patter son the headteacher, Mr Senior, Miss Smith, Mrs Morrell, Mr Roebuck and Miss Tew. I remember the assembly, each morning, singing "O Welcome in our Midst" with a piano accompaniment. Miss Patterson always used to say," You can't do better than your best, but, be sure it is your best!!" It's strange how these memories come flooding back. I can remember most of my class before I left and have the class photo and also the photo of the monitors. Some of the girls in my class were: Kathryn Kidd, Karen Day, Hilary Upchurch, Linda Piggott, Anne White and Josephine Ruddiforth. The boys included Alan Farnsworth, David Clarke, David Smith, Gary Shore, William Beal, Peter Scott and Leslie Asquith. I'm sure I'll remember more names when I find the photos. Miss Tew was our class teacher in my last year and she always dressed very smartly with a pleated skirt and twin set. Her handwriting was beautiful . I always loved my time at Southey Green School and have some fond memories. Would love to hear other peoples memories too. I was, then, Lynne Middleton and had a sister Christine who was three years older than me and also attended Southey. Her best friend was Linda Herd
  3. I now see that the owner of the old video shop has applied for a alcohol license for this property. It seems to me that it is probably a foregone conclusion that he will be successful as already having changed the shop's name to include the words "OFF LICENSE". Just another hang out for the alcoholics and druggies. Is there any wonder that the village has deteriorated over the years. Thank you Sheffield council for another blunder.
  4. Can anyone tell me why another off license is due to open in Woodhouse village. We have the Cooperative which is open until 10pm, McColls which is down the road and City Living which is in between them. Now that the video shop has closed there will be yet another "cheap booze place". Woodhouse is fast becoming a tip. What once used to be a busy village is now a place to be avoided. The only people being catered for are the residents living in the hostel down Beighton Road. Oh, I forgot to mention that we also have 3 pubs in the village, which have to compete for business. Can anyone tell me why the Cross Daggers is being allowed to fall into disrepair
  5. I was remembering my mum the other day, when she'd tell us to stop scroaming about on the floor, and my dad telling me to wipe my my snish (nose) if I was crying. Also if I didn't have any socks on, my mum would say " You'll get summat yer'll not get shut on." I still don't know what it is!!!!!!
  6. Thank you so much. It's lovely to hear it again.
  7. I was reading a book about the Sheffield blitz, which feature different memories of people during this period. One gentleman wrote of remembering his small sister reciting a rhyme in their air raid shelter. It startedwith "Eeh I wud like to mek thee a good cup of tea, if thad only come on reight day, but tha moan't come on monday it's me weshing day". I know I have heard this rhyme before but can't remember the rest of it. Can anyone help?
  8. Woodhouse West End Fisheries has now reopened in Woodhouse Village. Now called Village fisheries. They are absolutely delicious. Definately the best fish and chips I've tasted.
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