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  1. Hi my mother was a Keats and her mother married a Tommy Lockwood. Known to us as uncle Tommy. My mum's step dad.
  2. What was your full name when did you live on Cattal street please
  3. I think Tommy married my grandma Mary Elizabeth Keats.
  4. I lived in Sheffield born in Darnall but we moved under compulsory purchase to Waterthorpe in June 1980. I married and divorced and now live in chesterfield funnily enough. I am having a couple of small perations in November and December But would love to meet up early new year . How is your ancestery search going. Must admit Annie molloy has been a nightmare. Even Chesterfield reg office have no record of her and have asked me to keep hem informed. They think there must be a massive spelling error on her name. x
  5. Hi I have only just seen this thread having never looked on here before. I am the Great Grandaughter of your granddads sister Annie Molloy Born in Chesterfield 1868. My name is Alison. Annie Molloy Married Harry Keats In Sheffield.They Had William Keats born in Sheffield. He in turn married Mary Elizabeth Burton And they Had my Mum Ada Keats. I am also doing the family tree but Annie Molloy of all Dominic's and Rose's Children is the one were No birth can be found. I can find her Baptistism But even the experts at Chesterfield can not find her. I hope to hear from you soon and maybe we can exchange info. Nice to hear from you something like !st cousin 3rd time removed
  6. was there a lynn and antony baines, think lynn had blond hair.
  7. Later on in the late 70's it was run by Rita the landlady assisted by her brother. funny then a woman could not run a pub without a man living in.
  8. Yes the fox house was on the other corner. the next road was ardman street. when they came down they became the biggest scrap yard. used to go in foxhouse nightly with my then boyfriend of many years Quack from staniforth rd. Becketts chip shop was at the top of Chinley street I think. ---------- Post added 19-01-2015 at 22:20 ---------- Sorry meant Ardmore not Ardman street
  9. For being a good girl one day I was sent by miss Bancroft on an errand. I remember having to go up to staff room to help the caretaker, and go up the extra staircase that was up there leading to the storage space that run above the staff room. I was sent to find the caretaker, first going down to the boiler room (the cellar) He was not there I then saw mrs Richardson in the hall and was told he was in the toilets outside in the yard and to go and find him. I went out in to the yard went to girls toilet first ran all the way round them stood and shouted him at the boys no answer went back to the hall was now sent to the caretakers house again to be told he is in school yet again saw mrs Richardson was now told to sit on the top step on the staff room step and wait. and wait I did. it after what seemed an age there was creepy noises from above I by now was getting a bit frightened when suddenly the storage door opened and out came a brown paper mache donkeys head bloody caretaker had been up there all the time waiting for me. He then reported me to mrs Bancroft for messing around and I had to stay in during afternoon break and write as many 4 letter words as I could out of her favourite word CONSTANTINOPLE. so much for that being a treat for being good....
  10. hi the shop on the other corner to winters changed hands again twice before we had to move in 1980 1st it was lillians and reg and then renee and david who was their nephew and his wife. they sold everything you name it they had it or would get it. Lillian and reg also owned the spiritualist church that is still there further up shirland lane towards balfour rd.
  11. just found a lovely photo of mrs winters shop at the top of wilstrop road darnall. my grandma lived bang opposite and we lived on cattal street. best sweet shop ever. the photo was on a site called old photos of Sheffield. all the sweets were in glass jars. if I remember her daughter in law worked for her, think her name was violet.
  12. hammerton county school 1966 till 1972. what a lovely little school. I remember assemble with miss atkin and guessing what colour bloomers she was wearing with elastic round just above her knees (always blue or pink). mrs Richardson playing piano and doing all our first aid. Real writing with mr laycock in annexe j2. every Friday listening to his favourite piece of music puff the magic dragon before we could leave the class room on record player. morris dancing with mrs Bancroft figure 8 and p e in hall with mrs mead and mrs.baines. then who remembers joining forces with Woodbourne road school and doing the red sea jazz wrote and produced by mr Elliott j4 teacher and deputy head. mrs atkin retiring and mrs steele taking over. loads of lovely memories except the one where mrs Bancroft retired we collected for her bought all this stuff in purple her favourite colour and low and behold she came back to work. plus who remembers listening every assemble to mrs atkins favourite piece of music both as we walked in and out ELIZABETHAN SERRANADE.
  13. I was 6 fancy you remembering that. your mam was our kevin's godmother. I can remember the day you left cattal street. I can remember the day your Sandra got married. P.S big toe nail right foot has never grown right. ---------- Post added 16-01-2015 at 08:37 ---------- does any one remember going to st Andrews mission church junction at bottom of swarcliffe road and shirland lane. we had to leave and joined forces with john the Baptist across bottom of bridport road. we was told building unsave yet stayed up and open as a mosque for years
  14. hi poppypoppy is your husband called paul ---------- Post added 14-01-2015 at 21:24 ---------- hi I have just joined and been reading old threads. I lived on cattal street and remember both Robinsons and furnleys they lived next door to each other on shirland lane next to wartons sweet and paper shop. ---------- Post added 14-01-2015 at 21:30 ---------- when did you live on cattal stree when did you leave and what number please ---------- Post added 14-01-2015 at 21:57 ---------- hi I am new to forum noticed that you lived on cattal street so did I number 18 you I think was at 28 with Sandra and your mum and dad lily and harry ---------- Post added 14-01-2015 at 21:59 ---------- hi was your husband called paul by any chance ---------- Post added 14-01-2015 at 23:01 ---------- just read this old quote recently joined what lovely memories it stirred. I lived on cattal street and my grandma lived on shirland lane opposite lilliians and reg shop top of wilstrop rd that owned the spiritualist church.
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