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  1. There were lots of foreign workers in Grimesthorpe Abdul he went on to open a cafe at page hall star cafe that's got its own thread on here lol it was later taken over by an Arab called Ali he could knock em out stood for no nonsense him !
  2. Different these days more women go out than men ...sign of the times
  3. Yes it's comming back now Drabbles nice shiny modern coaches in competition with sut?????
  4. Before my time but probably correct can remember seeing a nameplate Taffinders on a door did they have the bus company I know littlewoods had some nice coaches in them days big shiney red uns lol very nice picked us up on Adsetss St Grimesthorpe club trip ten Bob crisps and pop ..... once got a pound tote was generous that year lol
  5. I think Taffinders lived in it or nearby in the 70"s
  6. Mick had it when I went in a good family estate pub everyone knew each other and all got on Mick and sue pinder great couple a lotways good for strap till payday lol
  7. The Snicket brought you to Hinde house lane across the road it ran between woods and pond library was at bottom on Firth park road is it still a library not been past for a long time?
  8. It was don loxley rivlin and sheaf when I went there lol
  9. It was always owler lane when we were younger why did they change it to owler brook
  10. Bagley brook aka Grimesthorpe dyke who can tell a nice picture on picture Sheffield!
  11. Lol I lived in there as well for a while near the Jarvis family knocked about with Peter as youngster we made dams as well in that stream I think it's name is Bagley brook if meanders through the northern general and serfices down upwell Street
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