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  1. Did you watch the Tour last weekend in Yorkshire? If so we're interested in your views. Please complete short survey available here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/tdf2014
  2. Dug

    Triathlon Beginner

    Try Racing TNT, they cater for novice triathletes.
  3. http://www.hallamgreatescape.co.uk/ Follow the live progress of the 21 teams. Which team will be the first to leave the UK?
  4. Details below of the Monsal Hill Climb Sheffrec CC are organising this year. Full field and Russ Downing from Team Sky is the last rider off. http://www.monsalhillclimb.org.uk/ The roads are fully closed and is a good event to watch at the top near the hotel.
  5. Traffic chaos this morning around High Storrs School. There is a burst water mains at the junction of High Storrs Road and Ringinglow Road. Looks like several of the houses around there are starting to flood, and water coming up through the drains.
  6. http://www.monsalhillclimb.org.uk/ Monsal Hillclimb this year is takes place 11th Oct. First rider off at 11am, full road closure, commentator, trade stands etc. Usually a good event to head out to watch.
  7. Looks like our frozen shopping will defrost then!
  8. Gas cylinder was deliberately set alight (maybe by kids) and thrown in the car park. Bomb disposal unit called to control the risk of the gas cylinder exploding.
  9. Customers are being told they have to leave their cars and walk home!
  10. Apparently there is a fire in the car park at Tescos on Abbeydale Road. The store has been shut down and all the customers are not allowed to leave. Update - Wife has just phoned who is at the store. The bomb disposal unit has turned up!
  11. I think you're mistaken, the awards for useless, overpaid, undertalented, to55ers is taking place next week.....
  12. hahahahahahahahahaha Team, Coach and SPOTY - all cycling, get in there.
  13. Dug

    American Football Helmet

    I'm selling a lid on ebay currently: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=130266288898
  14. Dug

    Sheffield Pyjama Jump

    They no longer take place. The last one was in 97.
  15. Dug

    Bring back Star Wars

    Yes, I forgot about Anthony Daniels, came across as a right thespian!

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