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  1. Although this is not all down to Monk, his strange tactics haven't helped, Forestieri at left wing back, ended up at Luton with a 2-0-8 formation. Since he's been here he's been managing with his hands tied behind his back, not been able to bring his own staff in, working with the remnants of the Carlos/Jos/Bruce squads ,and only now being able to bring a few players in The club is in a mess, from FFP to ridiculous ticket prices, to possible points deductions.
  2. I think West Ham's season tickets are really cheap, without checking
  3. No Rhodes or Hutchinson in squad
  4. Depends what fees the club are holding it for.
  5. Agreed, surely this is a Chansiri signing. Don't agree with your point on Dawson, good young goalkeeper, one of our own, and the potential to be our number one for years. And it's not like we're giving Rhodes a 4 year contract on 35k a week, he'll not be on huge wages
  6. Capacity at Hillsborough is about 32k now. And it's still only 2/3 full Move away from the lane and you end up in one of these soulless new builds. 2 old stadiums in Sheffield, albeit ones had a bit of money spent on it since the mid 90's, one hasn't
  7. Season tickets only today, new kid might create a bit of excitement but we could easily lose this.
  8. Windass not sure. Don't think you could class Wickam as anything other than a decent signing. If he'd been injury free he wouldn't be signing for Wednesday
  9. First thing to look for in a player
  10. I've not heard of any of the 3 foreign players, but had heard of the likes of Fleck, Duffy etc.
  11. Saw him play very well at Hillsborough for Rangers in a pre-season friendly a couple of years ago. Doesn't seem to have kicked on though
  12. Think yourselves lucky, you have to buy a membership (which went from £20 to £50 in one season) just to get in for less than £30 at Hillsborough. And we've got 15k empty seats, go figure
  13. Me neither, might change on Friday though
  14. If we pay £60k a week to Gayle then we've obviously not learnt any lessons. Albeit he's class at this level and could be the difference between top 6 and mid table
  15. It's winnable. Got to start putting a run together again Also be nice to have Wickam (or another striker) available
  16. I think Wednesdayites have already said that the fact we're 6th shows how poor the division is. We're ok, On our day we can beat Leeds away, we can also lose to Hull at home and concede 3 against a bottom 3 club (Stoke) Or is that not the answer you were looking for ?
  17. It'd the other way round, I'm sure he's turned Wednesday down before.
  18. Why do we wait until the window opens, surely we could have had a couple of loans lined up to come in on the 1st Jan.
  19. Try Ebay first, as post 2 says, some may be rare I've seen some videos on YouTube recently of ebay resellers picking up blank Videos and selling on Ebay for quite a profit
  20. And Forest have gone from the Forest performance to finding some form. That's the division. Wednesday linked with a few strikers, but are we creating enough for the ones we already have ?
  21. Lot of negativity around Wednesday at the moment. We're 6th, and doing well with what we have. Missing that cutting edge especially when Fletcher is out but that's where we are, replacing him costs money that we don't have
  22. Doesn't seem to be affecting the team performance but it'd be just like Wednesday to get promoted then have it taken away by a points deduction
  23. We're a 45 minute team, 1st half was excellent, 2nd half we backed off, took strikers off, one up front etc. Derby were very poor but we only came away with a point. That being said, we look like we're on the verge of being a very good side, play some nice stuff, got an in form striker, decent looking defence. If we can just add a couple of quality players in January (one being a Striker), we've got a chance
  24. I know, I was replying to the other post not yours. They should and probably will be
  25. Don't think it works like that. It's a 3 year rolling period and you can fall foul of it every year. As for the ground situation that's ridiculous, Wednesdayites and away fans been exiting at leppings lane for years with no more than a bit of handbags yet because of a badly handled Sheffield derby (badly handled by the police) Hillsborough is now an exclusion zone on match day
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