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  1. Is that the rule? It definitely hit his arm, clear as day but he was looking away and was definitely accidental
  2. Looked solid, under a lot of pressure at times but never anything clear cut for them. Fletch led the line well, Harris always a danger, and we looked better when we went 2 up top
  3. Like I said, this is Wednesday, feels like we've had a habit of losing to teams who are on winless streaks, over the years
  4. This is Wednesday we're talking about. A winless team's dream
  5. He's done very well, no doubt about it, and the budget he's done it on makes it even better But revolutionised British football ? Steady on
  6. Wednesday went down in 90 with 43 !!! To be replaced with another local team, can't remember who
  7. Cowley's might have come in and done well, Monk might come in and we plummet, nobody knows One things for sure.... If Cowley beats us on Sunday there'll be folk saying we made the wrong choice after 1 game !
  8. The majority of Blades ? If you'd said that about United then I'd agree with you as the anti-Wednesday comments come right from the top of the club whether you're in the premier league looking down or what. If Monk comes in and wins his first 4 he'll get backed, if he loses the first 4 he'll be under pressure, not sure where United come in to it ?
  9. Couldn't disagree more to be honest, It's been 20 years, you've been above us a lot, how United are doing has no bearing on Wednesday's manager.
  10. Its nothing you've not done. "We can afford to lose this derby". Ring a bell ?
  11. You could say that about 80% of the league. Decent job at Swansea, got Leeds into 7th after fading. Got Birmingham to the verge of the playoffs before a 9 point deduction, with no money And sacked from Boro..
  12. Other than being a Wednesdayite, you'd definitely choose Huddersfield over Wednesday at the moment. Even thought they've not won, surely they're in a healthy position to rise up the table and with money in the bank to strengthen in January
  13. I know, that's what I meant by a manager who can make us better than the sum of our parts.
  14. Problem is we don't have premier league players. We need a manager who can make us better than the sum of our parts... Who out there would you call a "premier league" manager without going silly ? Probably Hughton and he's already said he didn't want it
  15. Not at Hillsborough. Would be please with these 2 as manager
  16. I'm not saying I'd want him, but to at the end of day he got Stoke to the Premier and they stayed there for 10 years, look at them now ? Lot of rubbish spoken about types of football, what you supposed to do, open up and get hammered by teams who have spent 200m on players ? Not sure there are any run away winners in this division, we'll see as the season progresses, get the manager right and we could be top 6, more likely mid table though The "delusions of grandeur" bit tickled me. Have a look on the various social media outlets and all Wednesdayites are doing is saying we're not good enough, not that we "deserve this and that".
  17. Yes like Carlos, did you miss the bit where I said "It worked in our first season" ? Obviously that's Carlos..... Wish we'd had such inconsistent buys and poor tactics that we spent 10 years in the Premier league with a cup final thrown in
  18. I'd be tempted to go with the unknown overseas managers rather than Rowett. It worked in our first season, worked with Wagner and Farke Would rather have Monk than Rowett, thought Birmingham looked a good side under him
  19. 1. For up to an hour AFTER the match 2, From the turn off to Herries Road to the junction (Used to be a round about) 3. Coming from town, traffic will be diverted up Herries road and then left past Radio Hallam 4. Not sure on this point
  20. It's been safe for decades, but overnight it's not, and the solution is to restrict ticket sales, stop thousands from exiting Leppings lane, and shut a major road (Penistone). Kind of like cracking a nut with a sledgehammer Yesterday there were approx 200 away fans, surely hold them back for 10 minutes. Seems obvious
  21. Maybe we should stop playing on the 89th minute
  22. 4 out of 6 would be a very good start
  23. It needs reversing. Absolutely ridiculous and not caused by SWFC. We've got a prohibition order limiting our capacity, all because there was a bit of shenanigans after the Sheffield derby that the police dealt with very badly.
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