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  1. My brother Andrew works in theatres at The Hallamshire too.
  2. Lichfield -Tamworth area is the dead centre of England, that is why they built The National Arboretum there.
  3. i would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew or knows Sylvia Hawley who left Chaucer School in 1969-70. We used to call her Sybil. I did hear she had gone to work as a cook at the Northern General Hospital. By chance today I was in The Huntsman dining room at NGH and I asked if anyone had ever heard of a cook called Sylvia Hawley. The answer was no but I said her nickname at school was Sybil and she said she thinks there is someone in the kitchens called Sybil who would be late 50s early 60s. Can anyone help further please?
  4. There were definitely 2 newsagents at Lane Top in the 60s
  5. I remember Gregory Boyes well. He was friends with both my brothers Andrew and Leslie Flood. He used to visit our house a lot when we lived on Hartley Brook. I remember my Dad writing to tell me he had died as I lived and worked in North Wales at the time.
  6. How do you get one of these? My husband has been disabled since August 1976 and we have only just learned we can get a local disability pass let alone a national one!
  7. Where are these stars please? I went to look for Joe Cockers plaque on my last visit to Sheffield and couldn't find it.
  8. Mrs Wooffitt wax the head at Hartley Brook Promary when I was there in the 60s ---------- Post added 20-01-2015 at 21:39 ---------- I started at Duchess road,then Lowfields and on to Hartley Brook.
  9. Anyone got to The Girls Brigade 5th company at Shiregreen Congregational church on Valentine's Crescent in the 60s?
  10. We left Hillsborough at 515 after the match. It was sleeting all the way to Grenoside and then snow all the way to Huddersfield. The M62 towards Manchester is slushy and slow going but still snowing. Our one and a half hour drive took over two. It is passable at the moment but slow and looks like it's going to get worse before it gets better
  11. My sister Vanessa Flood knew the Antcliffes on Hartley Brook Road we lived at 26 The Floods
  12. That sounds good Cuttsie but as I have family in Sheffield we are meeting up with them match for lunch
  13. Thank you for your replies. We have just come over the Snake. It was 4 degrees in Glossop, 1 degree on the tops and 2 degrees in Hollow Meadows. Lovely and sunny.
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