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  1. I did not really know the people in those houses were we not allowed across there. But I think the ones I saw would be before your time you obviously dont know me. Did you go to western road school. I left there 1958.. Never learnt anything at that school. Went to London did evening classes to do a levels then uni. No one I knew ever had a cat in hells chance of going. ---------- Post added 26-04-2015 at 23:48 ---------- Did any of you attend st lukes methdist church. That seemed to be the hub of my early childhood did everthing there, brownies, guides, pantomine Sunday school I became a Sunday school teacher when 17 that be 1959. Our whole time seem to revolve round it youth club. Played table tennis.
  2. That air raid shelter was at the bottom of my garden I used to keep my rabbits in it. My parents closed the shop in the 60's and turned it into living accommodation before they moved to a bungalow in about 69/70 by then I was married and long goone to Live in Nigeria where I was a scientjist I returned in 1990. That house was where the oakleys lived the parents were deaf there were quite a few children one Trevor Oakley got in touch with me Last year.
  3. I lived there from 1950 1964 I remember Mr Watson radio shop then there was a house where the harrisons lived then our shop patton then the fish shop Mr ward. Then a house fillowed by newsagent and hat dressers. We called the waste ground the hill. Our back gardens ran from the steps at top of ma tlock street. We used to get in trouble for sledging in the winter. Long time ago those were the days eh
  4. I lived on heavygate road we owned the grocery shop 176. Vivienne patton.my neighbour was Barbara Harrison and my best friend lived on matlock road maureen brpowm
  5. I live in Bedford not been to sheffield since my mum died 18 yrs ago but have promised to go for a few days with two of my grandchildren just to show them where I grew up especially the Derbyshire countryside. You went to a beautiful country far from a place like Nigeria.
  6. Wow louise great you replied. I used to look for you on friends reunited a few years ago also tried Facebook. Where do you live now? I left UK in the sixties to live in Nigeria came back in 1990. It sounds you dont live in UK. Hope you are well. I am ok just suffer the usual things due to life style, ie smoking overeating.
  7. I went to all three schools left 1957. In senior school my class teacher was Mr Poole. My name is vivienne patton. I used to be friends with Margaret Roberts, louise Cheshire and pauline gee. I have never seen any oof them since left school. If any of you read this would love to hear from you. I remember miss Lindley went on holidays with her once to Italy then Switzerland and Belgium.
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