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  1. Anyone know where I can get a book called, (Sheffield's date with Hitler) By Neil Anderson Gordon England
  2. Thanks Hillsboro I would like to Purchase some of these Street directories, Any idea where i could buy them? I went to Sheffield Library to look at the Electoral registers but they have all been put on to Fiche, I preferred the books. If it's the Same Mark Hooper I saw him play for Wednesday against Barnsley in the County Cup during the war years he looked old the but still quite nippy on the wing. Gordon England
  3. My apologies I meant the Parade of shops, I don't remember Ronnie Starling playing for Wednesday but remember him playing for Aston Villa just after the war, Recall him delivering newspapers round our district ,bit thicker round the waist but still had thick wavy hair, If I am not mistaken somewhere between Carlton Road and Rockley road Mark Hooper a former Wednesday player had a shop, Also Alan Brown used to walk up Carlton Road on his way home from the Ground. You are right Runningman I will have to make another trip to have a look at Bramall Lane, can't get too much excitement in one day. Gordon England
  4. I left Sheffield to move to Scarborough in 1954, at that time I was living at 40 Carlton Road off Middlewood Road, so last week I decided (before driving to Sheffield becomes too much) to visit the City I was born in. Over the last 60 years I have visited Sheffield but never been back to Middlewood So after depositing my wife at the Meadowhall Centre, (Little did I know how dangerous this proved to be, I forgot to confiscate her debit Cards), I caught the Tram all the way to Hillsborough to my surprise nothing much appeared to have changed, the sun was shining, the Park cinema was still there but not showing movies, Hillsborough Park was still a nice place to visit and I called in the library it's altered slightly since I used to visit, I walked towards Bradfield Road and noticed the Arcade of shops still there, (I recall Ronnie Starling Sheffield Wednesday had a newspaper shop there), I caught the Tram back to the centre and saw the old Infirmary is now an Asda or Tesco. After visiting the Cathedral I went down Chapel Walk and thought I would have a coffee at Marsden's milk bar on Pinstone street, but had to settle for one at Starbucks near the Lyceum theatre, then back to Meadowhall, found my wife and drove back along Brightside Lane, Upwell Street, Page hall, and Firth Park, nice to see they have preserved some of the old tram tracks. Conclusion the new trams are not a patch on the old bone shackers, Sheffield is still a nice place to visit, and I managed to drive there and back avoiding any Motorways, but I did cheat a bit I stayed overnight at a Premier Inn. Gordon England
  5. Anyone know where I can get a Print or Photo of Turner Street near Midland Station, I think house were demolished about 1958 Gordon England
  6. yes the copyright say's 1990 so I guess it will be, do you know if there were many sold, I suppose the Sheffield Archives on Shoreham Street will have a copy Gordon England
  7. A friend of mine passed away a short time ago and courtesy of his widow I acquired a VHS called Sheffield Trams dated 2nd April 1960, and yesterday I spent one hour forty five minutes watching this. I recommend this to anyone who loved the old Trams I was transported back to the 30's 40's and 50's and was able to recognised all the old districts. Gordon England (Scarborough)
  8. The only Gents outfitters I can remember was Fred Ericks but I think it was opposite Hillsboro Park England27
  9. Cowboys were always my favourite movies and remember going to the Tivoli I think in Fitzallan Square and watching Tim McCoy, and Hopalong Cassidy I always wanted to go to America to see the Cowboys, and had to wait until 1989 when I started touring America I went to Dallas and saw where the Chisum Trail Ended at the Stock Yards, I had made a list of all the places to see Monument Valley where lots of Movies were shot but the only place I saw a Sherriff still ride a horse was in Jackson Hole in Wyoming, I only went to Los Angeles to see Graumans Chinese Theatre John Waynes hands and footprints there plus Roy Rogers and his horse. Not many good westerns made these days
  10. Does anyone working at Newton Chambers in 1947 remember the Pageant celebrating the Firms 150 years, it was at Sheffield City Hall , it was produced by L Du Guarde Peach and being apprentices we played various bit parts I suppose just filling the stage up. I was living in Hoyland at the time and recall being picked up by Bus to be taken to Rehearsals in the evenings. A few weeks after, a dinner was held at The Cutlers Hall for everyone who took part in the Pageant and I remember me and a friend Clive Marsden being Introduced as we entered the Hall Gordon England (Scarborough)
  11. Just read the thread about the 75th Anniversary of the Blitz, we lived at 161 Leadmill Road/ Manton street a corner shop there were 8 Houses between Shelf Street and Manton Street and two of these had the cellars reinforced and every house had access to these cellars. Me and my Dad had been to see Laurel and hardy in "Saps at Sea" at Union street Picture Palace and had walked home we then went into the shed in our back yard and we were measuring sugar into the 1 and 2 pound blue bags when the siren sounded me and my Sister were sent into the cellar and were joined by lots more as the Bombs began to drop I remember the whistles of the falling Bombs and we all ducked when the whistling stopped, Being just 9 I was puzzled as to why anyone would be dropping bombs on me as I could not recall upsetting anyone enough to warrant this. When the all clear went we surfaced and the first thing I remember seeing was Duchess Road School Roof falling in , I thought no School today and up Edmund Road what looked like a giant sea serpent, a gas main had exploded and been blown out of the road. Of course my Dad being conscientious had walked to Penistone Road where he worked at Newbolds Bread, My Mum decided that her and my sister and me would go to her family home Hoyland ten miles away so we set off and walked through Pond Street, Down Snig hill, and Penistone Road I recall the roads were covered in Hosepipes and burnt out Trams, we learnt later how lucky we were to through as an unexploded bomb was found, so when the Planes came back on the Sunday night we watched from ten miles away. So like the man said we have survived and one of my hobby's is now waking up every morning, and before opening my eyes I stretch both elbows out if they are not touching wood its going to be a good day and I get up. Gordon England (Scarborough) ---------- Post added 25-02-2015 at 17:25 ---------- Anyone interested in a web-site detailing the Civilian War Dead all the ones who died in Sheffield are on there but it's in Alphabetical order. Try Genuki index to the Civilian War dead roll of honour. Gordon England (Scarborough)
  12. I Don't know where he lived But I do recall him Arriving in a morning in a Packard and being dropped of outside the impressive Headquarters, I worked there from 1946 to 1955. I remember the new Sports complex being built that had tennis Courts, Football Fields, a Cricket field, and a bowls club, this was in the early 50's and it was opened by Herbert Sutcliffe and Harold West bowled the first ball to him and it was dispatched into the railway sidings, me and My mate Ken Mell searched for it for hours without success I wonder if its still there Gordon England (scarborough)
  13. I remember two Marsden's milk bars I used the one on Pinstone Street when I worked on the Trams in 1955, and the second was on a street just above Fitzallan Square, (Can't remember if that's how you spell it) this street was leading on to Howard Street near to where the Crucible Theatre is now. I can't remember that name either I have been away from Sheffield too long. What I do remember on a winters day they made the best Horlicks. Gordon England (Scarborough) ---------- Post added 19-02-2015 at 18:52 ---------- reference to my earlier reply I have just remembered the name where the second Marsden's milk bar was,, Change Alley. The Brains not as bad as I thought. Gordon England
  14. In September 2015 it will be 60 years since I worked as a Conductor on Sheffield Corporation trams. I was C219 and worked on the Crookes - Handsworth route out of Tinsley Depot, this employment was only for six months so I had no chance to officially achieve one of my ambition's to drive a Tram. My Driver was a Fred Wakefield and I recall he had a son called Gordon, they were happy days and I did get to drive a Tram when on Nights, between Woodseats and Beauchief. Is there anyone still around that worked on the Trams at that time. Gordon England (Scarborough)
  15. Does anyone remember Tom Mix coming to Sheffield about 1938, I would be about 7or 8, We lived on Leadmill Road and my Dad took me to the Midland Station to see him arrive he came out of the Station in an open top car and I think his Horse was behind in some sort of carriage, I remember there was big crowds watching (or is it just my memory). Later on that day or at least the next I was taken to see him at one of the Theatres, I think it was the Empire. I remember it was only a couple of years later my Dad told me he had been killed in a Car crash, I didn't believe him because to me all Americans only rode horses. Fast forward 50 years I was on a Fly Drive Holiday and was on a highway from "Phoenix" to "Tuscon" and there was a Stone monument at the spot he was killed, spoiling my childhood illusions. Gordon England
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