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  1. My great grandmother was a spye before she married edwin eccles and she died in ecclesall union workhouse around 1917 when my grandad was 10 he was then in Fulwood cottage homes until he was 15 what we cant understand is why his family didnt help him in anyway. He very rarely spoke about his time in the home and it was only after he died that we were told he had been very badly treated in the home.
  2. Hi brian my great grandmother was annie eliza eccles and was married to Edwin eccles and they lived on cuthbert bank road she had 3 children who were annie, arnold and sidney. My grandfather was sidney and he spent most of his young life in the workhouse and had an awful time if you would like anymore info please dont hesitate to get in touch kind regards keeley.
  3. Hi are there any people researching eccles/spye surname from sheffield area thanks.
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