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  1. Well, every business is a risk, I'm willing to take it, if it works great and if not, i'll move on with my life. I'm not planning of getting rich from it, I only want other people to be able to buy my designs! My designs will also follow current trends. I think you are seriously underestimating the amount of power social media and a few giveaways has! But let's see what happens. A lot of great brands have started only from determination. Once they make a bit of money they are then able to start investing. Thanks for the feedback. I am still looking for printers so if you are one please contact me (willing to pay around £7-10 per item)
  2. I never said I'm gonna use my mates brand. Its all gonna be mine. I have my own designs and I'm making my own website for my brand! What I meant t say about my friend is that he has a clothing line that altough he deigns it all , he sends to get printed. If you look at the prices of T-shirt/hoodie printers they are about 2k I just don't have that money to start with!
  3. I've got a mate who has a brand and also uses a printer, he told me that they don't charge too much. Also i might add that I have an instagram account with 11,000 followers. (average about 2k likes per picture)so that would be an easy way to get some really good exposure
  4. There are, but not the way I'm planning on doing it. I am thinking that maybe I should just start with my own little brand instead of doing the business, and once I manage to get a bit of money, invest in the clothes my self and send them to print for cheaper. Thanks to everyone for their great advice!
  5. Thank you for the feedback. Your comments actually gave me a great idea for the business which I think can solve my problem. Cheers
  6. I have't got much feedback on my designs yet, so I'd appreciate if you tell me if you think think they have potential. Here;s an example of one of them snag.gy/B9xuF.jpg (doesn't let me post direct link, just copy and paste)
  7. Thank you! It doesn't put me down, the more I know about the business the better. The business would be in a way like that, it is user designed (although I will also be selling my own designs as well as other brands) and I have an idea to ensure that only clothes that people like will be sold, im not going to let just anybody be a seller. And I understand every business its a risk but this is cheap to set up and I have £300 on free advertising so I think for a start that'll be good so if it wasn't successful not too much trouble but if it is then great Well I've only spoke to big companies so far, and they are offering some good deals but if anyone here know of some good, cheap reputable companies I will be grateful! (specially those who don't want to steal my business ) Cheers
  8. Well although I understand what you mean, what I mean by globally is that anyone can easily use it since its online and I'm already working out a deal with shippers who are willing to give me discount prices because they think mybidea is good. And the reason the price is cheap (mind you, you can get some decent t-shirts in places like primark for this price) is that this idea has the potential to bring 100s of customers per week. Also,You can buy some decent whole sale clothes in the UK for about 1.50 -2 but I am not aware of the cost of printing locally. So hopefully I can convince someone local to deal with me as it'd be nice to make someone here a bit of money. ---------- Post added 28-12-2014 at 01:18 ---------- Yes that would be vastly appreciated. Thank you very much
  9. Hello everyone I'm starting a new online business which I think has the potential to go global. My market research (from actual clothes designers as well as potential customers) also believe that is very innovative and has a lot of potential. Will give you more info if you are interested I'm looking for a t-shirt and hoodie (for both men and women) supplier and printer who is able to work on demand and is located in Sheffield (obviously i live here). I'm planning on selling my products for around £16-18 per shirt, £20-22 per hoodie (help on pricing would be welcome), and hoping to to pay around 20-25% of that per t-shirt. Take in account that there could be hundreds of orders within a few weeks or a couple of months. 20-25% would go to you, 30% to a 3rd party, 5% to fees and the rest to me. Sure, i could order loads of Chinese t-shirts from alibaba but mostly the quality is terrible, and i'd rather have someone local as my business partner. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please do let me know Thank you Designthetrend.com (still under construction) (you can also text me at : 07713863075)
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