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  1. Dont make stuff up fool. I didnt say id be happy to pay an increase at all. The council should absorb it from its coffers. They could use the money they get from parking fines in other parts of the city and also all the money they make from bus lane cameras could be used too.
  2. The council could take over the parking spots? We hear about compulsory purchases of houses and land so why not parking spots? It would cost money to start with but the long term effect would it would help inject life back into the city.
  3. Of course parking should be free in town. Disabled or not, that dosent come into it. If SCC want us to shop in town then they need to compete with places like Peaks and Meadowhall or even my local 24 hour Asda and give FREE parking. Otherwise ill go somewhere that does and has lots of spaces.
  4. Some Americans are so thick . Ill have to introduce him to Steve. The whitest most non religious person ive ever met. Hes so not muslim, wont touch halal rubbish and NEVER goes near a mosque unless its to park his car on double yellows. He know he wont get ticketed lol ---------- Post added 12-01-2015 at 09:33 ---------- Stop trying to Stoke up trouble.
  5. I dont know what to make of it. The bullet missed! I mean it actualy missed
  6. No mate not me at all and thanks for the apology
  7. Did i? Oh because i was sure i called the man heroic. Hes a heroic muslim and should be applauded. His muslim brothers who were the terrorists should be vilified for what they are or rather were. ---------- Post added 11-01-2015 at 17:59 ---------- I wont dignify that with anything more than this reply.
  8. Why is it ok to big up the muslim connection for this man, this heroic man yet the terrorists who were representing islam get distanced from their religion. Double standards maybe?
  9. Thats a good agenda. How do you propose to do it? ---------- Post added 11-01-2015 at 09:37 ---------- Hate him or just dislike him you cant deny he was right on the button. YOU are wrong in almost everything you say. ---------- Post added 11-01-2015 at 09:38 ---------- In fairness the end of ww2 didnt see peace or anything even remotely like it. Just smaller more spread out wars.
  10. Halibut. Why do you ask? Whats your agenda? Mine is stopping this islamic threat. Is yours?
  11. We arent all part of the problem at all. Stop making excuses. Its the nutter muslims that are causing the problems for us all even the normal muslims who just want to get on in life. These religious toe rags are standing in the way of that.
  12. Now Hamburg is on the list of places touched by this vileness
  13. I spent the morning from 6 am to about 10 clearing up my front and the neighbours from then repaired all the looses and broken panels. I nearly took off whilst fetching them this morning. DO NOT USE A ROOF RACK!!!! My only problem is my neighbours kept me well sorted with lots of hot coffee to keep my going. Now all im doing is going to the toilet like every half hour. Damn those people on my street and their act of kindness lol
  14. At least islamic terrorists are real though.
  15. That was my point. Thanks for noticing and thanks for pointing it out
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