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  1. My wife watches this program but I always have a quick look to see what Claudia Winkleman is wearing. How on earth she can be BBCs highest paid female presenter is beyond beleif. She has no dress sence whatsoever, she just looks a mess.
  2. You are wrong here. The main problem with L.E.D lights is that you can't see parked cars properly.
  3. Car lights seem to be getting brighter and brighter, many cars have lights which are now absolutely brilliant white and produce instant dazzle, and are making driving at night more dangerous than it has ever been. There used to be a limit on light intensity but that now seems to have now gone. On the other side of the coin Sheffield street lights are absolutely useless. The lights are too high and they are weak, there aren't enough of them, and many are not even working. Why on earth the sodium lights were removed is anybodies guess because they were far superior. I have no doubt it was a cost cutting exersise as usual and not something to improve road safety. Just like removing the hard shoulder on motorways.
  4. Absolutely correct, my son has just had to pay one for an offence comitted over 5 years ago.He had moved house twice but he got a court notice for payment, and this had increased to £500.
  5. Then the registered keeper has to pay even if they were not driving.
  6. Hi. Don't know what part of Sheffield you live in but Grenoside Dental Practice on Norfolk Hill are taking on new NHS patients. Their number is 0114 2456130. It is only a small practice and only opens about 3 days per week but the dentist is excellent.
  7. Of course they wont rise up, why should they when they can come over here and get a house and claim benefits. Wish it was like that here.
  8. The government raised the energy price cap in March. This increased the price of an average bill by about £95 a year. It would seem they are raising it again in September and this time it will increase the price by about £130 a year. In their wisdom the government have also allowed the energy companies to include a charge of £30 a year on all customers bills, to compensate tthem for defaulters. Energy companies are also refusing to allow customers who refuse to have a smart meter fitted ,sign up for a fixed lower price deal. We really are having to choose between eating and heating.
  9. It was boring, it could easily have been written into an hour long programme.
  10. It would seem that Ofgen,backed by the government, has allowed energy companies to increase their prices twice this year already. Firstly they have been allowed to increase every customers bill by around £25 per year. Unbelievebly this has been allowed to compensate the companies for the massive increase of payment defaulters. Secondly the price cap has been increased, and this will add about £95 per year on the average bill. The final nail in the coffin for consumers is the fact that the majority of companies will not allow customers to have a lower price deal unless they have a smart meter fitted. So I assume that as so many customers couldn't pay their bills last year there will be even more this year. We really are choosing between eating and heating now, thanks to our caring government.
  11. All the BBC have offered over the Xmas period is a mass of repeats, hardly any new programmes at all. They don't even offer a plus one hour channel and they can't even keep to time.Anybody who records a BBC program will be lucky if they get the ending as programmes are often several minutes late finishing.For this abysmal mess we are required by law to pay about £170 per year.It would be nice to know just what The BBC are spending our money on ,it certainly isn't new programmes, it must be on obscene wages to second rate presenters. The BBC is now unfit for purpose and it is time the licence fee was stopped.
  12. Yes you are right Janus,I have been wondering about this.These vehicles with one dazzler always appear to be almost new.I have also noticed newish vehicles also seem to have headlights that appear to brighten when the vehicle goes over a bump. When one of these vehicles is following me it gives the impression the driver is flashing me to stop,in fact when this first happened I did stop,but of course the other driver didn't. I have been wondering if both of these problems are caused by a faulty light levelling system which is now fitted to many new cars.
  13. I've always said that it should be done like this anyway, sometimes people don't really want two but they buy the BOGOF offer and then one gets wasted. What really bugs me is the shops that have offers something like: £5 each,buy 4 for £8. These items really should be priced at £2 each.
  14. Holland and Barrett already do this with therr 99pence sale. You buy one item at full price and another of the same for 99 pence.
  15. There was yet another example of this on Jeremy Vine this week. The discussion was weather or not Pritti Patel should resign over the bullying claims. A viewer rang in and said he thought she should not resign because she was the victim of racism,other politicians wanted her out because she was coloured. At this point Jeremy held up his hand and said "woman of colour " and cut the viewer off. I still don't see the difference so perhaps black or white should be the terms used, or would this upset somebody?
  16. This question was briefly discussed on Jeremy Vine last week, but the so called experts couldn't come up with an answer. Apparently to refer to someone as coloured is disrespectful,a person of colour is the correct term.I couldn't see the difference, so I checked to see what was on the internet and there were umpteen different opinions .Some sites said coloured was the disrespectful one, others said people of colour was the disrespectful one, so I am still at a loss .I know Dianne Abbott asked for an apology when Amber Rudd referred to her as coloured but I heard Matt Hancock use the term last week. Whatever term is used it would seem that some people will be upset, so it would be really interesting to know what is the correct and accepted version so that no offence is caused.
  17. Energy companies are laughing all the way to the bank .Because of two lockdowns people are staying in and therefore using more energy. My usage is up about 40%, the same can be said for water usage with the extra hand washing advised. No surprise if this surcharge isLooks as though it will be sensible to join the non payment club. implemented as we already pay extra council tax to compensate for non payers and extra insurance for uninsured drivers. Looks as though it would be sensible to join the non payment club.
  18. Good answer Presley,I'm daft enough to do it every week when i come away from Rowsley car boot.
  19. The test gets worse.Once upon a time if an air bag or an abs warning light stayed on it was not a test failure ,but it is now.The simple way to make one of these lights go out is to reconnect the bulb or diode to either the ignition warning light or the oil pressure warning light.
  20. Surprised the show didn't go to Julian Clary,he is really cringeworthy.
  21. BBC is already dead,it will never make a comeback.
  22. How can you spend a whole day at Bakewell?
  23. Yes I did believe everything he had done and it didn't cost me a penny for the repair.
  24. Yes I think you have heard right.Only last week a gas fitter who was repairing my boiler told me to avoid smart meters completely because the supplier can switch you off at any time and for any reason they like.This means of course that if the supplier makes one of their regular mistakes in their billing department and thinks you are in arrears, you may be cut off for no reason at all.You're right,forget the smart meter.I just ignore the suppliers letters,phone calls and E.mails and will do until smart meters become compulsory.
  25. I usually watch Martin Lewis but I missed this one.Martin also has a price comparison site and he always states that smart meters are mandatory on the quotes that require one fitting.Some quotes also state they are for new customers only and I have heard that was to be disallowed but nothing appears to have been done yet.My energy company seems to be getting round the smart meter rules by stating in the small print that they reserve the right to remove a customer from any tariff at any time. They really do appear to have us by the throat.
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