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  1. If you have your own Sky Box you can pay Sky £10 per month and you can then use it for recording etc.
  2. I was working it out this way.Say when you arrive your watch says 11.15 and the clock says 11.30 and you don't check the times.If you pay for an hour the ticket will show 12.30 expiry time. If you then arrive back at 12.30 by your own watch you will collect a parking ticket .because the clock will show 12.45.
  3. No you don't,you get caught out if the parking meter clock is fast,work it out.
  4. It will be another council con trick designed to catch the motorist and extract more money in fines.Have a look at the parking meters down Hillsborough and see how many of the clocks are fast,a sure fire way to collect a fine if you don't check your watch and the clock are the same before you leave.
  5. For the past few weeks every time I have watched TV adverts there has been a group of people singing "support your local High Street". The Yorkshire weatherman has advised me to do the same,as has all of the National Newspapers.Why should I bother when councils all over the country have done their best to deter me from doing this? No matter where you go there are never enough parking spaces.If you can find one you will be charged an obscene fee ,and woe betide you if you are back a few minutes late,you will collect a parking ticket,usually from an obnoxious jobsworthy, but it can be via the post, and it will cost you around a ton. Councils have bled motorists dry and are now reaping what they have sown.Sensible people have given up on town centre shopping and it will take a lot more than a few songs or adverts to bring it back.
  6. I have been using an Acer Aspire 5732Z laptop for about 5 years now,I had only one E.Mail address and a long list of E.Mail contacts.About 2 years ago when E. Mailing a new contact he did not receive the E.Mail despite it being shown as sent.After checking and a lot of messing about I found that no E.Mails sent from this laptop with my E.Mail address on would reach him.However I then created a second E.Mail address and sent him a message from this address and this reached him every time,still using the same laptop.He also would receive messages sent from another laptop or tablet whichever E. Mail address I sent it from.As I could not rectify the problem I just put up with it.A couple of weeks ago the same problem has occurred with another new contact,E.Mails do not reach him using my first E.Mail address and the Acer laptop but they reach him when using my second E.Mail address on the Acer ,but reach him using either address on my tablet.I am now wondering if the problem has occurred on other occasions like if I have E.Mailed somebody from an advert and not received a reply.Has anybody any idea what the problem might be?
  7. Haggle on everything you buy.Big stores will haggle,especially large electrical dealers,car dealers,phone shops etc.Also don't forget to haggle with your TV,phone or broadband provider and the motoring organisations.Even if they don't come down on price they will chuck in an extended warranty or a freebie of some kind.You have nothing to lose by having a go.
  8. As far as I know only the big six have to offer this scheme.Claimants have to be on certain benefits and even if they meet the criteria to receive it they are not guaranteed it as the companies only have to offer a certain amount.
  9. According to the Mirror anybody who signs on to Universal Credit after Nov 20th will not receive any payment until the new year.This is at least 6 weeks.How on earth is anybody expected to last this length of time with no income? The mirror calls UC a Premeditated Cruelty and they are absolutely right.Thousands of cases of UC causing poverty, people to lose their homes,a massive increase in the use of food banks and people having no food,electricity or gas for weeks on end have been confirmed and reported yet this government still persists in carrying on with this useless payment system.When asked how she slept at night Amber Rudd said " very soundly". This country is, I believe the 5th richest in the world,yet needy people are treat like this.The government needs to sit up and take notice or it will get kicked out.Still, no worries ,all the MPs will have enough money to manage.
  10. As far as I know councils have a legal responsibility to dispose of the body.
  11. And as usual nothing will be done about it.Everybody connected with the funeral industry is laughing all the way to the bank and the government is perfectly happy as it has a permanent influx of money.Both know there will never be any redundancies and dying will never go out of fashion.The only thing people can do is to flatly refuse to pay for anything to do with a funeral.As far as I know ,at present nobody is legally obliged to pay for a funeral unless they actually order one.
  12. Watched half an hour of the first episode of this new BBC three part drama and gave it up as a bad job.Absolute rubbish,totally disjointed and unfollowable.Yet again couldn't tell a word the actors said,shouldn't have to put subtitles on in this day and age but they really are necessary.
  13. I don't know whether it is still the same now, but last year the Asda on Wordsworth Avenue displayed a sign in their car park saying anybody who parked in a Parent and Child parking space must be accompanied by a child under 12 years old.I fail to see why special parking spaces are available for people with kids of this age.Many kids of this age smoke,carry weapons and are courting,they are not toddlers.This woman you are on about was barmy,she just liked to hear herself talk.
  14. I assume you are one of these who thinks pensioners free travel passes should be axed as well.
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