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  1. The government,quite rightly,take every available opportunity to hammer it in to us to stay at home as much as possible and only go out for essential reasons.They also stress the importance of observing the two metre distance rule and the fact that lockdown restrictions will not be eased until certain criteria are met.Why then are they allowing more and more shops to re open? BandQ have now opened most of their branches and other DIY outlets such as Homebase etc, are following suit .Greggs are reopening next week and so are Macdonalds and Burger King .Costa and Starbrucks will then probably expect to open as will garden centres,especially as Band Q etc are selling plants.All this is giving the public the idea the lockdown is being lifted and the danger is over.It is not,the government should stop all these non essential shops opening as more and more people will be on the roads,more will be out and about and there is the possibility the infection will spike again and this will be a disaster.
  2. Whilst millions of people and many businesses are suffering severe hardship during the lockdown, many providers are racking it in. People are staying in and as a result have kept the heating on longer, so the energy companies have increased their profits considerably.Not content with this extra profit many have also increased their prices and removed their cheaper plans, thus showing how greedy they really are. The water companies are coining it in because people are washing their hands every few minutes,their bills will probably double.Supermarkets have made massive profits due to customers stocking up ,but they have still been greedy enough to increase their prices.Warehouses and other on line outlets have also made massive profits while shops have been shut.Funeral directors,well what can be said about them? They are in a totally unregulated business and can charge what they want.The price of a funeral has rocketed,and everything connected with a funeral is a rip off.The government has promised an investigation into them,whether this will ever happen I don't know but the public deserves better deals than most providers give.
  3. There was a D.I.Y shop on Kilner way but I think it was somewhere around where the Bingo is now.I think it was called Glynn Webbs.
  4. Swish your mouth out with warm salt water about 6 times a day,instant relief usually.
  5. I have just been watching Sky News. They were showing the election of the new Labour Leader. I couldn't believe that this was being done in a very large room ,packed out with Labour politicians all sitting side by side.Outside was a large crowd of Labour supporters all standing shoulder to shoulder.The mind boggles at the mentality of the whole lot of them,haven't they heard of social distancing or does it not apply to them?
  6. I can't provide a link to this but I remember reading on one of the many motoring E.Mails I receive that insurance companies have no legal right to say a car is uninsured if it is not taxed or tested.Whilst the government has given itself the right to impound an untaxed car the driver is never prosecuted for no insurance unless it is genuinely uninsured.As a test certificate only applies at the point of testing,it is nothing to do with the condition of the car in the next 12 months and therefore the insurance company can only refuse to pay out if it can prove the car was not in a roadworthy condition.No test does not prove this.Having no test does not carry any penalty points and the driver is never prosecuted for having no insurance.The advice given was if the insurance company tries it on contact the ombudsman immediately.
  7. As I understand it any vehicle which needs testing after March 31st will be allowed a 6 month extension.This will apply for the next 12 months. I am therefore assuming that my car,which needs testing in September is now covered until March.
  8. Some shops also do this . Sainsbury's and Bargain Booze on Crookes each regularly block off a full parking lay by if they are expecting a delivery. These lay bys are public parking places which will accommodate half a dozen vehicles each, but they are often blocked off for hours before the delivery arrives.Also ,try parking at Castleton.The majority of residents there place no parking notices in their window or put cones or bins on the road to prevent visitors parking.
  9. No you are right there you are not allowed to say what you think nowadays.
  10. It's even worse at Castleton. There are two public roads in the centre of the villageThese roads are free parking for anyone but most of the residents have" private parking only" notices on their wall or window.These are of course, as worthless as the paper they are written on ,but the residents are now putting cones on the road which I believe is totally illegal.Last year I did move a couple and parked but I was immediately confronted by an old woman who told me this was her house so that piece of road was also hers so I had to go.I could see she was too daft to argue with so I went,after all Castleton has very little to keep me there.
  11. For years petrol stations have displayed notices telling drivers not to use mobile phones on the premises.Now many are displaying notices telling drivers they can pay from their seat with their mobile phone.Has it suddenly gone safe to use a mobile phone or was it never unsafe?
  12. Last time I rang Green Flag they told me the vehicle had to be under 10 years old. Can't understand why,newer vehicles are much more troublesome than the old uns.
  13. Sad to hear Jean Ferguson who played Marina in Last Of The Summer Wine has passed away.She played this part brilliantly,really made me laugh.
  14. You're doing better than me then,I didn't know any of them.
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