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  1. If the tree is too old pollarding won't work, and it needs to be redone every few years which will get expensive. Crown reduction would be better.
  2. No 1. Don't be stressed. If you've contacted them numerous times the fault is there's. You can certainly try emailing your local councillors to tell them that you've an issue, it's not being resolved, and that you're being made unwell through the stress of it. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for this. It's daft. The road is built to 60mph spec, and the speed limit used to be 40mph. I know that the traffic lights used to be set so you "surfed the green wave" at 38mph. Wonder what is is now? You trundle along at 30mph by industrial unites, by the side of the 24 hour empty bus lane, then it's 40mph on the single carriageways of Herries Road surrounded by houses. It is, as Retep says, a blatant money making racket.
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