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  1. I have hooked this large fish twice, I hit the bite and felt the fish then it sets off like a train and bang the hook length is snapped. As to halibut pellets, I don't think these fish will touch em. I went the other day and tried a mix of ground bait sweet corn and luncheon meat in a cage feeder, nothing. I normally loose feed sweet corn and meat and at least get a few bites. I went just before Xmas and you know when you fish a carp pond and a large carp swims hell for leather across the pond and then puts the brakes on creating a bow wave well I had the same a 6in bow wave in 8ft of water on a fast flowing river. So there are some big fish in it. The place I fish is between Woodhouse and Catcliffe weir and is NOT fished (hardly) someone cut a peg in the bank 20m from a fallen tree which has 8ft of water under it the other side of the river is a railway embankment (not fished either). It would be idyllic if I caught a few more fish, as I have said before I am sure there are plenty of fish they just don't get enough bait
  2. Once again thanks for the help S13, I didn't expect any so any help is appreciated. I fish the section between the weir at Catcliffe and the bridge at Woodhouse Mill. I fished it on the odd occasion in Summer and caught odd small Roach there was loads of fry in the water and I suppose that is why the river is so popular with Goosander, Cormorant, and Little Grebe the problem for small fish being hiding places, and there are good sized Pike. I have heard reports of large fish being seen from the bridge in Woodhouse during the Summer, my personal view is not enough people fish it so there's not enough bait going in. Big fish are less likely to be predated so more fry so it's a win win all round. So go and feed them fishes and they are wild not in some overstocked pond, don't get me started!
  3. Yes went today very muddy, caught 2 chub both about 5lb and got broke again (8lb bottom). Fished with big bomb and 4in hook length and had several bites, that large barbel still still eludes me
  4. Thanks for the input Kojak, I hope to give it a whirl on Monday, weather permitting. I'm going to take a mix of meat size and try on a short hook length and/or a bolt rig. I am perservering because the other week I was fishing on a 8lb bottom and got broke, so I know there's big fish in there, it's hard work when it's cold. I will let you know if I have any success.
  5. I should have put this in original message, I use meat on a banded hair rig, I usually put the ledger stop about 9in to a foot away from the hook. But a short hook length is worth a try, I also thought about a bolt rig, which is a set up I have never used so I am unsure of its success.
  6. Can anyone out there help? It doesn't specifically apply to the Rother, it could be anywhere. Right I fish the Rother at Woodhouse/Catcliffe fairly regularly, I fish with luncheon meat on the quiver tip. Now here's the problem, if I put a 3/4" cube on I will get bites. The tip will shoot round you strike no fish but the bait will still be on the hook. If you put a small piece of meat on you get a bite (as I did the other day) catch a chub of about 5lb but then nothing, not a bite for the rest of the day. I have tried other baits maggots, bread, sweetcorn etc but nothing seems to work as well as meat. So are there any ideas out there of how to get chub or barbel on the hook?
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