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  1. Yes Anna ppl will vote and decide the outcome of the election.. it's something they can do.. but I understand your points , it's something Brand talks about a lot.. a few ppl control the media , big corporations business use bribes to control governments and laws. There are ways around it , if people protested in many ways not just physically it could make change , for example if ppl stop buying certain junk newspapers then it would hurt those in power , if ppl didn't fall for the divide and conquer propaganda then that would be a good thing too. Basically ppl need to stick together , if they do that they'll be fine , but if they are selfish etc then most ppl will be screwed.. sadly I see it on these forums a lot certain ppl are only interested in an issue out of self interest.. no body seems to care about anyone else , and that's the fault of a selfish society.
  2. Thanks Anna for the support , there are some decent ppl out there.. ppl in Britain will decide and determine the outcome of their country.. what I find interesting is that people who are attacking slating the unemployed are a few steps away from the same fate... in Pakistan there is no unity if some poor women is stoned to death cause she gave birth to a female nobody gives a fig.. that's why everyone there is starving poor etc.. karma in action.. If people in Britain want to end up like a third world country then fine but remember these words , most of you will end up dirt poor. It's disgraceful when I see certain FMs insulting the unemployed.. the same people are a few steps away from the same fate and no surprise when it happens they will change their tune in a second.
  3. I'm interested in this thread. I did hear from somewhere that mental health issues are found more in ethnic minorities etc don't know about the gender thing
  4. I have every sympathy for any disable child.. but find it disgusting that people out of work are insulted at any opportunity called leaches etc.. ignorance , prejudice and generalisations and negative stereotypes are not helpful. People out of work have to actively seek work ie job searching etc to get jsa so they have to be doing something and not nothing.. a lot of them have worked for years beforehand and have contributed etc.. it's always going to be the case that there are just not enough jobs for everyone therefore a safety net is required. Yes there are some people who abuse the system but I believe the majority on jsa ppl are genuine. There are some real odious creatures on this forum.. ignorance about anyone is bad and wrong.. whether it's someone who is disabled and sick like me or someone who is out of work.. that word empathy is often missing from some people.
  5. The majority of people on benefits are genuine , the people who abuse the system eg big families etc are a very small proportion.. most unemployed people are out of work for a bit on benefits then they get back into work.. the people long term unemployed are very small percentage..even if you cancelled benefits given to unemployed it would make zero difference to any debt etc. Everything I have said above is proven by stats facts etc.. Google "benefits myths facts uk" Then why do ppl target the unemployed and not tax evading illegally millionaires and criminal bankers.. they do it cause they are soft targets ie SCAPEGOATING. The people who are sick and disabled like me.. did nothing wrong and never chose the tragedy they suffer from so why should they be punished for being ill.. would you punish someone for having cancer etc?? In a civilised society we look after and protect the vulnerable like sick and disabled , children , old and frail.. this is why you need a safety net if not then you are like animals not civilised. The banks caused economic problems.. then why are disabled people being punished by having benefits slashed can anyone explain the logic and fairness in this??!! I got severe illness when I was in school , I was a grade A student at A levels and expected to go to medical school (had offers etc) but illness and years of hell ruined it.. a good hard working very clever grade A child who was expected to become a Doctor (by everyone) wouldn't throw his life away.. even ppl on this forum are not that stupid. If people don't care about tragedies suffered by other ppls families then that's shameful and callous.. one day YOUR family ie your mother or sister or husband will suffer from problems like sickness disability or unemployment or losing their job.. How will YOU feel when those SAME PROBLEMS strike your family?? In conclusion.. a half decent civilised society has a safety net for weakest vulnerable people.. if you tolerate injustice hardship in others then tomorrow it will be your families turn to be next. There are people on here who are fancy lawyers or computer programmers and are real smart... please don't be arrogant and ignorant , in a second you could get a crippling breakdown illness and you will need people to feed and clothe you.. kiss goodbye to your high flying career you will become like a child like I did. I USED to be smart.. friends I knew who were less capable than me are now Doctors Dentists etc.. true story... I was being interviewed by an Atos doctor and it was someone I knew when I was at school.. He was LESS smart than me ie academics.. look he became a doctor I became disabled.... that's how life goes.... now I am nothing cause of very bad health... it can happen to you anytime. To those in denial etc who say they is no poverty and everyone who is in a problem somehow are authors of their own misfortune.. people like you are ANIMALS you evil despicable creatures you say these things to justify your inaction and not helping people.. inside you know you are wrong you are just selfish and cold.. it's basic psychology at work.. Oh I don't help X cause he caused his own mess.. it's an excuse. I seen people on here complain about issues which affect them a women here lamented about minimum wage in her thread yet she used pejoratives and insults about unemployed people.. she ONLY cares about an injustice if affects her.. she is a few steps away from being unemployed herself.. I bet when it happens and it will she will change her tune in a second... I hope this society rejects the path of ignorance , scapegoating and selfishness for that leads to a third world nation , as someone who is Pakistani British I understand what that means when people have no unity. Let's stick together and care about each other and build a prosperous nation.... not a third world country... it's upto you??
  6. Fried............ ---------- Post added 13-01-2015 at 17:15 ---------- Freed.........
  7. Thanks mjw47 and Anna B.. I typed a big response on this iPad but it got lost i should have done select all > copy Maybe i should use a laptop..
  8. Thanks for your kind words.. and cgksheff you made a good point.. it's been removed.. alot of time using iPad so apologies in advance for typos etc
  9. Hello I am from Sheffield and suffer from long term mental illness and therefore I am on ESA.. recently my mental health has gone downhill and I've being very depressed and frightened using the Internet has been a comfort blanket for me I found this site as I'm from Sheffield and I've found a lot of the discussions really helpful , entertaining and heart warming.. I guess a lot of it is escapism something to take my mind off my problems. I did a search for threads on issues that I was concerned about and found there were some decent and caring people on this site.. it made me happy.. although they were a few ignorant and callous comments , the worse I read was some FM saying most people CHOOSE to be homeless.. which shocked and dismayed me!! I found Anna B seems to be a nice person and the stuff she wrote really helped me. Anyway I just thought I'd say this about the forum.. I don't have the health or energy for big debate but I do read the forum and it can be amusing at times. Thanks
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