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  1. Would it generate any extra money for the government, Topshop operate in 37 different countries, how many companies that pay tax here generate some of their income in other countries, presumably if Topshop pay some UK tax there will be other companies that will pay less tax here because they will be expected to pay tax abroad. Multinational giants line up for UK tax breaks. Pfizer's bid for AstraZeneca expected to be first of hundreds of moves to the UK thanks to favourable tax regime. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/businesslatestnews/10805995/Multinational-giants-line-up-for-UK-tax-breaks.html This would mean they generate money abroad but pay tax here.
  2. Its very unlikely that someone will find breastfeeding offensive if they don't find public nudity offensive. The people most likley to find breastfeeding at the dinner table offensive will also be offended by public nudity.
  3. I know that some British companies operate abroad and pay tax here and that some foreign companies operate here but pay their tax somewhere other than here. Are these the loopholes to which you refer?
  4. Assuming these loopholes exist and that if closed would generate huge sums of money, which I very much doubt, which party is saying they will close them, and does it really make sense to continue increasing the population at a time when we don't have the money to solve our energy problems and infrastructure problems? Are the lobbyists by any chance the same people that benefit from an over supply of labour?
  5. Slowing down the decline is sensible until the problems are fixed and you keep forgetting about the kids that immigrants have. There are approximately 700,000 children born here each year and about a third are born to immigrants. That works out at around 230,000 new children plus the 250,000 immigrants, which is an approximate population increase of 4,800,000 over ten years.
  6. What tax loopholes do you think exist and how much additional revenue would the government have to spend if they was closed?
  7. Patching it up until it is fixed is the only thing that will stop it sinking, trying to renovate it whilst creating new holes won't stop it sinking. But it will make it easier to keep up with the increase, Immigration accounts for more than four-fifths of Britain’s population growth in the past decade, and they all need somewhere to live, consume energy, use the transport network, use school, hospitals.
  8. What are your top five concerns? Mine are probably Climate change and the associated problems such as flooding and adverse weather. Energy security. Food and water security. Housing. Transport infrastructure. Education, schools. Public health. All are made worse by increasing the population.
  9. Because they are not very bright. ---------- Post added 10-12-2014 at 18:01 ---------- Out of thin air, what in your opinion needs addressing first that is getting progressively worse because of population growth? ---------- Post added 10-12-2014 at 18:06 ---------- Your calculations will have failed to consider the kids that immigrant have once they are here, and any increase makes an already bad situation worse than it already is, it's like saying the ship is sinking so one more hole won't matter, well it does matter because the ship sinks faster making it harder to keep afloat whilst the hole is fixed.
  10. 250,000 extra people every year plus any future offspring will make a huge difference, to our energy needs, transport needs, and every other service and resource we need.
  11. You thought I had never heard of what before?
  12. So you wouldn't have an issue with letting 20 million freeloaders into the country as long as there are enough hardworking immigrants to ensure that there is a positive net contribution to the economy.
  13. I'm sure that both are made worse by increasing the population, so tackling immigration would surely stop a bad situation getting even worse.
  14. Breastfeeding whilst drunk and driving a car. Breastfeeding whilst riding a moped.
  15. What I said is what I meant, it didn't mean anything other than what was said, there is little I can do about it if you choose to interpret it differently to what was said, so I will leave you with your imagination.
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