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  1. Has anyone had any intolerance/ allergies to rapeseed oil or palm oil ? Just wandering if anyone else as had problems or maybe family member? Thanks for reading
  2. hmm I've had few morons do that to me. But it's ok I've 2 dash cams one in back / front . I've reported quite a lot of idiots with proof. Saw I know exactly how it is. I catch them on phones & eating
  3. I don't remember any of the staff there. Ps it was a traumatic time for my sister & I
  4. I remember thornseat lodge back in 70s I was put in there.my parents had house fire 1976. Me & my sister had no where else to go.when the big van/ bus took us up there were roses beautiful flowers all the way up.some good memories and some not saw good
  5. Yes I know Craig beech very well.. We grew up together back in day..I'm shocked to hear of the stroke he had..I'm happy you visited him
  6. No .I've reported it to gum tree today. I'm waiting to hear back from them
  7. Woman advertising on gum tree asking for deposit for Citroen c3 pluriel soft top. But not available till December 10 th dec because she's moving abroad. But wants to meet at the supermarket in derby but when I looked on the map it was not the post code she gave me..thought it was suspicious saw got my sister to ring and enquire she wants £100 and arranged to meet her aswell..saw if I'm going at 2pm she's going 5 pm how many more people has she scammed.
  8. Just had recent Mri scan it's saying facet joint arthrosis L4-5 does anyone else suffer from this it would be nice to get some feedback. On left & right side.
  9. Wawaw yes Michaels funeral is tue 18 th 1.30 I do believe city rd .. God bless part of Wednesday family
  10. I'm moving into new house next week. There's dog poo on garden which the last occupants have left. Advice on making nice garden again. Do I turn the soil over then turf it ? Or just put top soil on
  11. Well said Alexatkin. Personally I don't think the lady should paid £55 ..as for some post sarcasm is all they know ---------- Post added 18-07-2016 at 20:56 ---------- How can the lady sit in house surrounded by wasp ? No one can ..leave them alone...to be stung in and outside the bungalow carnt open windows in this weather. I don't think the lady had choice
  12. Look under kick boards in kitchen. They could be family hiding in there. If you remove the kick board see if you can see any holes that goes to the outside they need sealing up asap..go outside around the property see if there's small hole as they could get in that way
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