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  1. Hi, I'm Graham. Long retired. Dabbled in writing all of my life, got into it seriously in the 1990s when I enrolled, as a mature student, on a part-time BA course at University of Sheffield. Graduation got me into teaching creative writing to adults for a decade. Have been a member of writing groups in Rotherham and Barnsley. Produced anthologies for them. Have published a small magazine for nearly 14 years. Write all kinds of stuff but see myself primarily as a short story writer.
  2. Many thanks – looks interesting
  3. Live in Rotherham. Was part of Rotherham Metro Writers for a decade, one of its organisers. Currently attend a writing group in Mapplewell, Barnsley, which sprang put of a class I taught for the WEA. I publish Carillon Magazine Looking for a Sheffield writing group, easily reached, that would help both me and my wife (ex-teacher) to progress and enjoy different writing skills and genres (we like poetry and want to continue to write it, but there's far too much focus on it for our liking - creative writing is so much more than verse). Can anyone suggest a good, serious, eclectic group to try that meets in the day within easy reach of Rotherham?
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