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  1. Were currently awaiting for a decant property to become available along with council we decided that this was the option available to us ( been waiting over 6weeks). Thank you Dozer.
  2. Past 4mths have been a complete nightmare, I've tried every avenue possible but continue to hit a brick wall each time. Over the years it has been one issue after another with the neighbouring tenant by far this is the worst situation. Ive reported repairs on the neighbouring tenants behalf. The impact it has had on my family and I is huge, from stress to financial situation (as we are unable to claim on content insurance), while in the meantime the tenant continues refuse to help the situation.
  3. Still in the same situation, council with the same standard responses to local councillors and local MP which seems to be the standard excuses "the situation is complicated". Due to the situation we decided along with the council that the only option was to decant the property (over 6 weeks ago). Further more the neighbouring tenant continues to refuse to dispose their waste in black bin provided, which in turn is escalating the situation. I will again be touch with local councillors, MP and director of housing at Sheffield city council.
  4. Good luck, I hope you get your situation sorted asap. I've contacted Sheffield star has I seem to hitting a brick wall each and everytime I speak to them.
  5. Unfortunately were not in the finical situation to able to move at present. What an awful situation to have been left that's the issue no one seems to care always seem to be to busy passing the book to one department to the next and allowing situations to get out of control.
  6. Could anyone point me the direction of a good housing solicitor as the situation within my property as the situation seems to be getting far worst.
  7. We had the same issues with noise but over the past few years that not been an issue, the information books are an nightmare to fill in. Were in the process of trying to find family members of the previous family that lived at the property due to what other neighbours have told us. Got to say I would take the noise disturbance back over the vermin issue we are currently facing. Im a council tenant. Thank you for all of your advise, its been a huge help thanks again.
  8. The local councillor is contacting the council and I've also had a response from the director of housing who's arranging for a senior manager for it to be looked at has a priority. On a personal note I do think the council are to blame for the situation in regards to the disrepair within the neighbouring property, but at the same I am furious that they've allowed it continue over this amount years and its now my family and myself whom are paying the price for their lack of duty towards all tenants.
  9. Thank you for everyones advice. I have contact everyone via Email.
  10. Thank you Tops cats hat, for your advised I'm gonna email asap and get in touch with my local councillor also. Weve been in the same situation keeping a book detailing all of the information on and off since we moved in, seems to have been one thing after another. (if the council had advised us that the neighbour had previously done this to the previous tenants I personally would haven't taken the property).
  11. They haven't advised us on what their doing in regards to them, all they have said is that they are aware of the ongoing situation with our next door neighbour. During the summer its ourselves whom contact the council to come and clear their garden. The council have issues entering the property as they refuse to answer the door to anyone this includes emergency services, which then in turn come to our property to ask if we have seen them etc.
  12. At present its mice we've found numerous holes on internal walls we've blocked them off the best we can but weve now got the mice with the floorboards etc. The housing officer I spoke to last week was aware of the situation within their property. All we have been advised is that they are aware of the situation within the property next door, the council have also paid for environmental health to come to our property.
  13. A council tenant, the council are aware of the situation surrounding them.
  14. Could anyone point me in the right direction I have a neighbour whom has mental health problems, we have had numerous issues with next door since moving in (just under 9years ago) from noise to them trying to them causing fire risks (which Sheffield council are aware). Our latest problem is pests coming from next doors property into ours and causing damage within our home we know that they are coming from the next door neighbours due to the property been in total disrepair and within all our time within the property they have never taken the black bin/recycling bins out to be emptied or had them emptied. At present this is making our property a complete nightmare to be living in. Is their any organisation that I could contact to get my neighbour the help they require.
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