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  1. Thanks for reply, I have checked them, but its a lot to pay for me just to figure out if it works or not. Thanks though
  2. Hello guys. I have just bought a second hand steering wheel (t500rs) without the power supply. I have found it very very difficult to locate a power supply that is here in the UK/ or that ships in to the UK. The power supply: It is a 4 pin. Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.0AOutput: 24V, 6.67A, 160W Max It could also be a meanwell GS160A24-R7B. If someone has one that I can borrow just to test it / or I can buy I would be very grateful! Thanks
  3. Checked boot order wasnt it, and wanted to boot from usb to wipe the drive before entering windows
  4. So basically, I found an oldish 2.5 inch 1tb hdd that I wanted to connect to my pc. But I wanted to wipe it first, so I disconnected my secondary hard drive, and left my main boot SSD connected. I then connected the 2.5 inch one into the pc. I have connected my WIN 10 usb stick and tried to boot into that but it was taking AGES so I disconnected everything and put my HDD back. I didnt acctually get into windows with that HDD connected. Now theoritaclly speaking, could that infect my boot HDD and give me a rootkit or firmware virus? Because with that HDD connected it took a 1 minute to post for my pc and another minute to get into booting screen, but usually it takes 5 - 6 seconds to get into post screen with my other hdd connected. Also Malwarebytes and Bullguard premium scans come back clean
  5. You need to call EE and ask them to enable roaming on your account. Same thing happened to me.
  6. But its only 2 files that were copied which happen to were my old account details of steam and old online wallet
  7. Hi guys I have booted my old laptop on, and now it has copies of files i Dont remember copying. For example, my file called accounts.txt has a copy in same location but with name accounts_000.txt Sign of a virus?
  8. Is that helpful even in my case, i read reviews that action fraud has very low success rate
  9. Okay so long story short. I donwloaded a program without AV because i thought Windows Defender was good enough. This happened around 2 months ago: Downloaded the program, ran the setup installed it and ran it. All fine. In the next 2 hours, I have gone onto my emails to find out someone was in my yahoo mailbox and tried to get into my crypto online wallets which were empty. I bought bullguard antivirus straightaway and ran scan which found viruses. I changed my passwords, reinstalled windows and changed passwords again. I thought that was it. 300 dollars gone off my paypal account, and 15 dollars used to buy GTA V off my other paypal account. I bought Ledger Nano S and stored 20 000 xrp on it, worth £10 000. Yesterday i woke up to find out that all my ripples from ledger have been moved to this adress which i suppose is the hackers address rUF5TKP4JNyXsHWjHYVWH7ugCB6FTabM8U. Also the hacker who bought the gta has used a fake passport with my name on it to send to the game provider to prove "it was me" who bought it. I probably wont be able to recover my life savings will I? will be going to police station tomorrow also if they can help? i had sensitive files on my pc, such as letters i wrote and pictures of my driving licence. what can i do to make sure this does not happen ever again, and what else can the hackers do? Is my personal information for sale on dark web? Who knew 1 small application could ruin a life... i am afraid they can take all my money from my bank accounts
  10. It is more then likely your motherboard's slow ethernet port paired with cable thats 25m long. Also twisting the cables creates interference
  11. Yeah but we help however we can, for free. I believe this person would not.
  12. Hi all. Been having a problem with my phone for couple days, i will try to describe it best I can. Phone is s6 edge on vodaphone. I have had 200 dollars taken out my paypal account by "propellerads" company which i never heard of and had accessed my phone email. I thought its a virus so proceeded with a factory reset. After the factory reset, I had checked my messages to see that I have sent a message to a number I have never seen in my life "07480635445" containing 8 digits sent 4 times. I have called vodaphone and they have changed my phone number. After this,running various antivirus software no malware or viruses have been found. Today i woke up to be surprised to see that I have apparently sent to that number 4 times 8 digit message again. No malware or viruses are on the phone and messaging permissions has only the samsung messaging app. Any of you guys have any idea how or what could it be, as I am lost for ideas. Also quick note no apps or websites have been visited for me to get any viruses. Maybe sim card got hacked if that is possible? SS7? I am lost.
  13. Hi, does anyone know a store or someone on here tha can change a s6 edge battery? I have got my own battery. Cheapish would be the best, I could change it myself but I dont have any tools for it. Thanks
  14. If i was you id sell it for parts , will get more on ebay auction than whole system
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