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  1. Frankly if anyone was shouting that near a family member of mine, they would be hearing it ring between their dying ears!! So easy for medical staff to choose death over life. I don't hear the patients who beg for death receiving it in court of law! Where the hell do doctors get off? It has to be said. Whether you are a medic to some above, I'd like to hope it's patients choice but I doubt it is in most cases. Doctors let patients die. Hospitals feed sick people rubbish food. My opinion may seem extreme but which is the reality? I'm not sorry some here think my opinion doesn't fit this thread! but I feel what I have to say is pro-life and supports the OP.
  2. Cold and heartless to write it onto their notes though. Regardless of reasons and assessments. The heart has gone from medicine? Discuss.
  3. yeah i know, not solo, hubby??? no chance :hihi:
  4. 3 days of non-stop passion in a giant en suite bedroom with bath in it, petals everywhere, candles, fruits, wine and chocolate fountain, pleasure... x oh and my gorgeous fella.. shh.
  5. I'd try it as a bloke. Not cos I'm a wannabe (no penis envy in women thats all in mens minds) and the sex well thats a turn off but.. so are the moobs, but just so I could show how nice men could be, yet <REMOVED> all over other blokes delusions for revenge! A steely mans man and the sexiest sweetest (not creepy) womans man. On the other hand I'd rather meet him! XD
  6. So gay. You were still in bed with your 'husband'
  7. The best I suggest is you take quick action and despite the potential cost, or going against medics etc., go and see a Bupa consultant / specialist, explain the urgency and you'll get about 45 mins with them for less than a tv licence, and they can have your family moved where he/she will get treated or at least both your wishes respected without having to beg. Speaking from some heartbreaking experience.
  8. I do know somewhere. Don't know if any practice rooms available, but if there are (I suspect their really might cos there's about 20 rooms I know of), and you can leave your equip there. For security reasons I won't say where on here, but if you pm me I'll let you know details of the guy to phone about it. He owns the entire premises.
  9. I'll check tenancy info. it has something about subletting..
  10. 25 years on waiting list and i was made to wait 6 months for a house I now want to move from. It's ok but anybody want it before I give it up? £800 to let you have it, dunno legalities?? but once you're in you're in. Beats waiting. pm me only. Can be made into a 3 bedroom cos rooms very large. I'll even do that for you. Very big gardens and brick shed. Part furnished if you want/need. Permission for alterations and driveway possible. Children and pets allowed. S13. Easy distance for M'hall, City Road, and Crystal Peaks.
  11. Perhaps should change this into the road rage thread. I saw a cop road rage another driver today for cutting him up - it was outrageous also near Meadowhall going towards Asda at Handsworth. The car did cut him up, but was coming from the right lane, signalled and the cop actually blocked them from getting in lane. They were holding up the right lane, and so cut infront of him. The cop jumped out of his car and blew his lid at the other cars window. It was quite hillarious he was waving his syp wallet at the window and the woman driver just laughed at him, and mouthed somthing to which he just stormed back to his car
  12. I'm with you halibut. Still thought we'd have a democratic vote.
  13. Are you For them Against them Or Don't know? Let's see what's the general consensus on the forum at least... Also, I've not done a poll before so if this hasn't turned out right the first time any help would be appreciated to add the 3 options mentioned.
  14. Surely it's obvious men and women who fought against nazi fascism do not want neo-fascists like the bnp collecting for them, they are the very type they fought the war against. There were also black people who fought and died in WWII for this country. Exactly what does that say for the bnp, appreciative aren't they?
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