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  1. Hi can anyone recommend a good cattery Ill be going away for 2 weeks and need a good cattery to look after my cat while im gone Thanks
  2. Hi everyone hope your all well I need some help Im looking for a siberian husky puppy If anyone knows anyone in sheffield rotherham area please can you let me know I need a small puppy around 2 months old becuase i have a cat and will need him to get used to him ? Thanks x
  3. Yes it was very nice plus very busy I must say
  4. The best thing for loosing weight is not thinking about the food I knw this sounds silly but just thinking make you put it on try to keep yourself busy
  5. will be going to the Tesco car boot tomorrow fingers crossed weather is nice
  6. Spring field vets I think £60 however I have heard if your on benefits you only pay for the micro chip
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies and help I really appreciate it I will defo try aagrah
  8. Hi can anyone recommend a good local restaurant in Sheffield who have really nice buffets Thanks all
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