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  1. Thank you everyone - he has been found and they are reunited Jen
  2. Thanks for the replies - we weren't near Sharrow Lane, no - it was definitely along quite a specific route. It's that rabbit in my profile picture (couldn't work out how else to upload a file!) so doesn't have a blanket attached. We have bought a replacement - luckily they are easy to find - but it is so fluffy and new, even after a wash she is not at all fooled I'm holding out hope someone tool him home to keep him safe. Thanks all for the kind words, Jen
  3. Please help! My little girl has lost her precious grey/beige Jellycat rabbit toy. She dropped him as we walked home from Weston Park to Walkley yesterday - somewhere along Barber Road/Howard Road. She is 2 tomorrow and is absolutely devastated. Last night was the first night she has spent without him since she was 6 months old. If you have seen him please, please get in touch, Thank you so much, Jen
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