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  1. YOu PC lot need to lighten up. Another thing that is worrying is that people in this country seem unashamed to grass someone up. It used to be something that you would be ashamed to do
  2. ITS A JOKE :hihi: have a giggle like our smiling friends :hihi: Don't be like him --> all suspicious or like misery guts here ->
  3. I was told a Joke by a female friend.... here goes "What do men and dogs have in common?.............. the older they get the smellier they become" Now that is a Joke aimed at men, I'm a man, am I now supposed to start kicking up a fuss, maybe report her to the police for being sexist. NO, cause its just a bit of fun. LIGHTEN UP !
  4. Well, you feel free to take a trip out there and try your theory out. Sure the place is a haven of peace and tolerance.
  5. Problem is, this lady has been suspended and so its a serious matter. 20 years ago, you could tell a joke, and thats all it was, a bit of light hearted humour
  6. If Britian is such an intolerant country, why are people so desperate to come here?
  7. I'm tempted to put on a comment, that would really stir up a hornets nest. Shall I...... ?
  8. Would probably get lynched pretty quickly, or thrown in jail
  9. Doesn't mean Superlative is a member of the BNP, maybe he is, thats his choice if he is. The debate is about why britain is obsessed with Muslims, the problem is, is that some sections (may be a small minority) speak hatred about white people quite openly and nothing is done. But as soon as a BNP candidate pops up, he is hauled before the courts acused of stirring up racial hatred
  10. I'm with you on this one Rudydazzler, completely homophobic coment, by superlative
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