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  1. Actually, Isabelle, he was a Bomb Aimer with 617 Squadron, not a pilot, but it's an easy mistake to make given his title.
  2. To be fair to Ms Bennett, I rather think she was living in Sheffield mainly full time, up Norfolk Park way I believe, but her work was not local but for the Greens in a national role. I could well be wrong and also she'll put down roots here for the long term. The impression from Private Eye was she wanted desperately to be an MP and, after the last election after she'd stood down as Leader of the Green Party, tried to hang on to her access privileges to Parliament she had enjoyed as Leader by using a pass to which she wasn't strictly entitled. I'm sure someone from the local Green party will be glad to correct any factual inaccuracies in this thread.
  3. It'll be interesting to see if the Green's Natalie Bennett is "in it for the long-term" in Sheffield Central, as someone remarked earlier. She was a shockingly poor performer as Green Party leader, and she's managed to reduce the Green's percentage of votes in Central quite dramatically this time. Maybe she'll stay and try to be a local councillor, which may be a more appropriate level of operating for her. Why the Greens swapped a very credible local candidate in 2015, a local councillor Jillian Creasey, for someone who had no links to Sheffield previously is a mystery. I guess Ms Bennett thought it was a winnable seat and she does desperately want to be in Parliament apparantly. I'm not sure if she was working in Sheffield - I got the impression she worked for the National Green Party in some capacity in London as she's been seen swanning around Parliament (with a pass to which she wasn't entitled according to Private Eye). The local Green Party deserves someone better, and with strong local links, as their candidate.
  4. I think if the OP would go back & read the posters (there's on one the postbox on South Road, near to the library) he/she would find they're not Labour Party posters and don't advocate quite what he thinks. I suspect some right-wing scamp - or a deranged LidDem maybe - posting to stir up folk. Not very subtle. If it is an official Labour Party poster I'm sure they'll explain it but it obviously isn't, just people being daft. ---------- Post added 08-06-2017 at 13:19 ---------- Well, I doubt it's a Green Party poster somehow but they may agree with the sentiment. Where's Natalie Bennett stand on this? I'm sure she'll be able to quote an appropriate policy without suffering a brain fade....
  5. Just a warning: there's a spate of incidents of lead being removed from domestic properties in the last two weeks, the latest being properties on Greenhow Street in Walkley (lead coverings to bay windows). So keep a look out, though the latest thefts occured in the middle of the night. Police are aware (and are apparently puzzled as lead prices don't appear to that high currently).
  6. Muir Baxter on Crookes, though the excellent guy at Walkley News on South Road, Majunder Singh, will also go out of his way to source any publication for you. Both top guys. ---------- Post added 16-01-2015 at 08:24 ---------- CHARLIE HEBDO IS NOT AVAILABLE TODAY in local newsagents in Sheffield. Sadly, John Menzies & Comag have not distributed any of the copies ordered by local newsagents around the city, letting down a considerable number of people. It would seem copies, limited in number, have only been distributed to major cities. So, you can get a newstand copy by St Pancras station this morning, as a friend has done, or in Manchester but not Sheffield. Or are my facts wrong & you've been able to get a copy locally? Do tell.
  7. My newsagent was taking orders last Sunday for copies and was told they will be delivered on Friday. I gather he had 60 people putting their names down for copies. And - like most newsagents in Sheffield who can be a*sed I guess - if you order any French Daily, eg Le Monde, Liberation or Italian (eg The Pink 'Un - La Gazetta Dello Sport), he gets copies in on the day of publication. But then he is an independent newsagent, not a chain, believing in service.
  8. Having done exceptional work in its Rotherham abuse scandal coverage, the show is once again sounding very tired. The old zoo radio format, with presenters bouncing around a lead, "personality" presenter needs shaking up. Perhaps, if he were to remain with the station, (and he's a lucky lad, after his comments last year, still to be there), a move to an afternoon slot, a time more suited perhaps to some of Toby's strengths, might be a good thing? There is internal BBC pressure to get more women in the major shows such as the breakfast slot, and a new voice and format would be welcome. The excellent Kate Linderholm is an obvious choice is you want an experienced broadcaster,( great voice & manner plus she's well-versed in the local scene), or there must be up-and-coming staff deserving an opportunity. But please, don't switch the current early afternoon presenter. Pleasant but bland won't do in a morning show slot.
  9. Today's announcement of the sacking of Morrisons' chief executive and closure of 10 loss making stores as part of the first wave of store closures is no surprise. The model of retail shopping is moving away from the large, superstore model. It is rumoured that one of the possible hit list stores is the Hillsborough one. I find this difficult to believe - I use it regularly and it always seems busy - but it may be that a store of that size, and design, has large overheads. Anyone have any concrete news, not just rumours?
  10. Blimey! What elegant arguments are to be found in this thread. Do you two ever actually get above the level of playground threats and arguments? Ye gods! The whole Police Commissioner system is deeply flawed and should be scrapped. As it's here, I'm pleased that someone of the quality of Alan Billings, with the local knowledge and experience he brings, has been prepared to stand after initially missing out on the Labour nomination to a 'machine' politician from Rotherham. Well done, Alan, and thank you for giving us one decent option. The thought of the barely articulate, ex-community policeman in Rotherham (who was so good at his job that he, too, missed all the local corruption and exploitation of under-age girls) Ukip candidate being involved in the role of Police Commissioner for South Yorkshire is deeply scary. His appearance on last Sunday's BBC Politics show was ample evidence of his inability to construct an argument, and to speak clearly and coherently. We've had a narrow escape. If there was a god, I'd be thanking him/her right now....
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