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  1. Its funny you say that, because this forum don’t get you.! Bed >> Home work!! Move it!
  2. You look silly now, Click my name and read all my posts! Are you drunk ?!? ---------- Post added 07-11-2014 at 23:46 ---------- I make a far more meaningful and educated contribution with each and every post I make unlike the drivel that comes from your still shaking hands. Have another drink my brother.
  3. Well you are the jester why don’t you start the ball rolling? rentaghost was a terrible program by the way!.
  4. What's Sheffield missing? A sense of humour looking at most of the local Sheffield housemates on this forum.
  5. I’m loving the debate between lines and Bonzo. Bonzo listen brother, lines won this debate with you pages ago. Maybe you need some sleep , Regroup and come back fresh. Having said that I don’t think it will help you.
  6. Processor Pentium 3.00 GHz Ram: 12.00 GB 64-bit Operating System 2 terabyte hard drive. £150 Frrom Zoostorm. ---------- Post added 06-11-2014 at 01:57 ---------- Get what you need from bittorrent. ---------- Post added 06-11-2014 at 02:09 ---------- P.S Graphics on motherboard. { Upgradeable. } But comes with DVD burner. ---------- Post added 06-11-2014 at 02:48 ---------- When you think zoo storm. Think of it as android. Its not HTC, Samsung etc, Both and more are android. It is lots of people. So when you lookup Zoostrorm, Just Google zoostorm. From Cheap as chips to astronomical prices depending on what you need. The preset stuff is bottom dollar. The custom built is still bottom dollar to middle of the road. Shop around. Google ( zoostorm) for best price for what you need.
  7. Cyclone I am not out for an argument my friend believe it or not. I honestly know that you can custom build with zoo storm at very little money. If you thought I was being argumentative then please accept my apology. I honestly thought I was helping my friend. ---------- Post added 06-11-2014 at 01:33 ---------- I have zoo storm put together to my exact specification for me . At very little cost. Was only trying to help. If its not for you fair enough. Have a go at me if you like, water of a ducks back brother.
  8. Ok so you are saying its about a video.. Lets say black and white with no shades of gray, That the human being believes and trusts’ in the afterlife. Move to a TV channel with someone like me. Do you believe in god?? Do you believe god will be your saviour. Do you believe in god 100% ? Send a donation to , you are a fool.Co. u k How many silly people would believe? Money, stupidity will always win any argument / debate. Look at the mess the UK is in etc. ---------- Post added 06-11-2014 at 01:15 ---------- God is the personification of life.; Without god we are nothing more than a diminution light heading towards an undoubted diminished state of no return. We can only pray and hope that our fantasies and dreams come to fruition to become fact and reality in such a cruel world. ---------- Post added 06-11-2014 at 01:17 ---------- Sounding like Russ again >> Yes!
  9. Please elaborate and educate us lowlife with no idea what you are on about.!
  10. Which party spent the most money is irrelevant, should we not be more concerned on the stability of humankind ? Not the miss fortune but the fortune of man kind? What better balance of humanity than the well being of brotherhood? To ensure a perfect balance and equality between male and female in this unjust world of inequality? ---------- Post added 06-11-2014 at 00:39 ---------- I'm I doing a Russ again!
  11. My Kid goes to school. The school says this is what you MUST wear. Simple. ! No if or buts . Do it or don’t come to school!. The burka is the same as a kid With pink hair. It has nothing to do with religion.
  12. God forbid you have a kid going for a kebab at night….. Not my opinion … read the papers! MY brother!.
  13. Listen .... Do A Google!!!! then GO TO BED AND WORRY!!!
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