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  1. Does anyone know of private Spanish tutors to give lessons to my daughter studying A-Levels and who lives in the S20 area? Grateful for any recommendation.
  2. Hello, Is anyone able to recommend a driving instructor in the Sheffield S20 Chrystal Peaks area/Halfway area please - enquiry is for my daughter who would like to start taking driving lessons please? Thank you.
  3. Does anyone know the full address of the Scouts Hut in Beighton, Sheffield? Cannot find this on the internet.
  4. Thanks for the speedy response, Tzijlstra - I look forward to the details!!
  5. Help ! I am looking for private German tuition for my children. Someone who is familiar with the GCSE specification and requirements to prepare them for their exam next year. Tuition to take place at our house in S20 area. Start date as soon as possible! Can anyone recommend or forward to someone who may be interested please? Thank you! Fleurs
  6. Can anyone advise the quickest and most cost effective way to travel down from Sheffield to Brentford? I do not really want to drive in London but train connections require you to change at Lonon St Pancras, then with tube to Vauxhall. Is there any park and ride near London? I need to be in Brentford for Monday am so not sure if to go down on Sunday. Any help please?
  7. I play table tennis and interested to join a group or club to play during my spare time. Anybody knows of a club in the S20, S9 area or anywhere in the Sheffield area? Cheers.
  8. Can you recommend any Yoga classes in the Halfway Sheffield area please? Thanks.
  9. I have a Toyota Scarlet R reg. At the last service, I was told that the airbag warning light does not light up on the dashboard and that my car would not pass its next MOT if this wasn't fixed. The garage asked an auto electrician on the day of the service to look at the problem but he didn't find the problem. Apparently he only had one of his diagnostic machines with him on the day. He said he checked the wiring, fuses, which all seemed fine. He said he would need more time to look into the problem and will have to use his other diagnostic machine. He said it could be the 'box' which may cost more than the car is worth. Not sure what 'box' he was referring to but again, that was only speculation. Any ideas or help where I could take the car to be looked at in the Sheffield area? MOT is due soon. Thank you.
  10. Thank you very much Dave. Couldn't send you a pm as I need to have at least 5 posts in the forum! Definitely getting the hang of using the site though.
  11. Thanks Grant, I speak the language too but really need someone to teach her to GCSE level. I thought the Forum attracts a wide audience and was hoping for some more replies but as you say, hopefully someone can either point me in the right direction. Baden Wuertemberg is a nice place, especially the Black Forest!
  12. Can anyone recommend a private tutor who could give my daughter lessons in German, outside her school hours? The secondary school she attends does not offer 'German' as a language option but she would be interested to take private/outside lessons to be able to sit her GCSE separately. She already has basic knowledge in speaking and reading, but hardly in writing. She is in Y9 and it would be good if she could sit the GCSE exam in a year's time (if she is able to get to the level required) so that she does not have the additional pressure in Y11 when she takes all other GCSE exams. Any recommendation or advice would be much appreciated.
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