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  1. Thanks so much for the advice. I will try my best to ensure my cat goes to a loving home xxx ---------- Post added 07-07-2015 at 01:38 ---------- Thank you so much for the advice i will give it a try! I will make sure she goes to a loving home. Xx
  2. Thank you both for telling me and giving me this good advice you are right. How much should i sell it for?
  3. What can travel the world but stay in the same place?
  4. Sale Amount - £0 Reason for Rehome / Sale - grandma has asthma and the doctor told us it would be best to give her away Time Scale – How Urgent? Flexible Has the Cat ever been in Rescue No Location sheffield Age & Sex female Vaccinated & Wormed yes Neutered & Micro chipped she is neutered but not micro chipped Breed/ Mix Colour/markings Long/Shorthaired Live in / Or in and out-in and out Used to a cat flap no Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals no Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues Temperament no OK with Dogs / Cats yes Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching yes Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching no Good or Bad with Children good Dislike of Men or Women no Housetrained yes Any further General Information you can share. I have a cat she is white and ginger. Im giving her way as my grandma has asthma. The cat is very well trained. She never does her business in the house. She is very clean and loyal.
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