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  1. That's life! I'm afraid, in this day and age where people don't do a weekly shop very often anymore then even the likes of Asda,Tesco and Morrisons are out of date supermarkets and on borrowed time.I think it's a real shame pubs shut down especially in rural areas as they were often the hub of a local community.The budget supermarkets like Lidl's and Aldi's are putting the squeeze on the big boys and we will see more smaller stores being used than these horrible out of town grand supermarkets which look more like airport lounges than supermarkets.In big stores you cannot easily access what you want quickly because the merchandise is always being moved around. I am all for the smaller model even if it replaces such things as local pubs when they aren't being used because Joe and Joanne public prefer to drink at home than sit and socialise with their local community.
  2. I hate window cleaners who turn up when they like at their own convenience never having the decency to knock on your door before they park up their ladders.The ones that gossip about neighbours are the worst and if you dare to sack them for doing a poor job they end up blacklisting you,well at least that's my experience.God help you if your ex window cleaner should hate your guts but get on famously with the neighbours on either side of you whom you have fallen out with lol.
  3. Paranoia perhaps but the media tends to ramp it up and we all get the impression that these gun crime incidents are the norm. I liked your poem but didn't quite understand why you reflected on it by writing one of your own, Poetry is meant not to necessarily send a message but to engage the reader to understand the meaning of what is written, sometimes we tend to deal with cold hard facts like a forensic would do with the body of a deceased. I hope you liked it from a poetry perspective even if the message contained with it might have sounded a bit paranoid as you put it?
  4. Nicely penned poem and as stark as a dark grey winter sky in terms of the poignant message written within it. The real question is do some folk actually learn from their mistakes or are their lives one long repetitive mistake? Of course we all make mistakes and seldom ask for advice and when we do ask for it quickly ignore what others have advised us because we all know best. Old wives tales and motherly advice are said for a reason but to some it might be just put down to their intuition,there is simply no right or wrong way to go just your own personal interpretation of life and what suits your needs. Once again for sharing and keep those poems coming,mine tend to be a bit short but to the point.
  5. Yes I will but who knows we might have a mild winter this year.I tend to leave fruit and breadcrumbs and a container of water for the little cherubs.
  6. Hi Fleurs sorry to see that you have had no replies yet,give it time hopefully there will be someone who reacts with positive news with your request. I am fluent in German both spoken and written having spent the best part of 5 years living in Stuttgart (Baden Wurtemburg) and Munich (Bavaria). I never had the opportunity of learning German during my Secondary School and Grammar School education so I taught myself then gained work experience and ended up staying a little bit longer than I expected. Good luck Grant
  7. Hi Wallace thanks for welcoming me to this site,like your sense of humour or wit. I too have a Swiss Army penknife but I bought mine in Lucerne during a flying visit via Zurich. No dogs at our house though I have had 3 Westhighland White terriers and I do have Scottish blood in me on both of my parents sides. Do you know any decent window cleaners in Sheffield,could do with hiring ones the last one is withholding his labour . Check out my poetry on the creative writing site of this forum,take care Grant
  8. Yes the lads did us tykes proud but what happened to Lancy this season,?moores the pity he jumped ship and went to manage the national side.
  9. Just wanted to make a quick Introduction as I have already written a few posts on here. My main interests are writing novels,short stories,poems and then there is my passion for oil painting (the house looks like a gallery with all of my paintings) lol. I am interested in finding or meeting anyone who can either speak or write German preferably both. I have Swiss German connections and have family who live abroad,although I am 100 per cent British. My other interests or passions are food,good wines and travel when I like to utilise my language skills in the German speaking countries. I also have a working knowledge in French,Italian and Spanish. So if you think that you have anything in common with me send me a pm or visit The Creative writers section on this forum you will find a few of my 135 written poems on there. Finally I am a avid reader of ghost stories and the supernatural world,? my favourite authors are M.R.James and Stephen King.
  10. You're spot on there,writing is just for those who have cultivated imaginations and not to be taken too seriously by the author or those who wish to indulge in reading their works.
  11. You're presuming that this poem I have written is indeed my valid judgement but it's not believe me I think we will all be here to welcome in 2016 lol:hihi:
  12. True but then isn't that the year world war 1 broke out?
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