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  1. I am certified yoga teacher and personal trainer with a background in sports and health; I train bodies to be fitter and minds to be stronger. I practice many forms of yoga including Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa to ensure I deliver an interesting, motivating and rewarding class to my clients. My style is generally more dynamic and aimed at body strength and stamina. Traditional elements such as connecting to breath, meditation and relaxation are included.Partake regularly in workshops, courses and research to ensure I maintain and improve my understanding of anatomy and physiology. From this I improve the quality of my teaching and self-practice.As a certified personal trainer and masseuse I have the further ability to be able adapt my class to the needs of clients ensuring their safety. - Trained body builders to improve growth by using yoga techniques for muscle expansion. - Integrated yoga as part of personal training packages to help weight loss and toning. - Applied yoga to fighters and martial arts practitioners to improve balance. - Helped asthmatics manage breathing problems using pranayama and asanas. For more information please see my website: angelinayoga.net
  2. You take your workout routine very seriously & do everything to grow your muscle mass. You train hard, eat right and sleep well to make sure you recover for the next training session. But, let me guess - you don't stretch, right? You think that stretching is boring and for girls - not for real, strong man? If you want your muscles to grow faster, you need to incorporate some stretching in your training session. Stretching is essential for building muscles!!! Every muscle of your body is covered by a tissue called a "fascia". The fascia is like a bag that surrounds your muscle and groups of muscles. This tissue is very important because is holds your muscles in the right place in your body. But the fascia is very tough tissue and doesn't allow the muscle much room to expand (grow). Imagine: You try to blow a balloon inside of another balloon. When the balloon inside grows & touches the second balloon, it will be hard for you to keep going. No matter how well you train and how great your nutrition is, the fascia will stop your muscle growing. Stretching is your solution!!! Using the example of 2 balloons, imagine if you can stretch the outside balloon first. It will give you more room for the inside balloon to get bigger. By stretching your muscles, you will at some time stretch the fascia tissues. You will give your muscles some room to grow. I can show you cool yoga posses to stretch your body and you are going be surprised how many hidden muscles you've got which you never worked with before ;-) Every Tuesday @ 5pm & Friday @ 10am The Fitness Club Central 94 Surrey St, Sheffield S1 2LG angelinayoga.net Members: £4 & Nonmembers: £6 - the cheapest in Sheffield !!!
  3. I have recently left London where I taught several well performing classes*at health clubs, corporate locations and privates * Yoga has been a big passion in my life for years and I love teaching others. I specialise in Dynamic Yoga but vary my style based on requirements for the class (e.g. vinyasa or Hatha). * My background is as a personal trainer and masseuse so I have the ability to adapt training to your needs. If you looking for someone who will help you loose a weight, tone up or increase grow muscles please give me a call: 07544972431 or visit my web: angelinayoga.net
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