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  1. The hut was still standing around 1977 when I was May Queen! I may be able to find you photos of the inside of the hall but I have to wait to post them until I get them scanned by a friend hence it could take some time. The dancing school I attended would hire the hall every May for the May Queen ceremonies,and I remember attending parties and events there throughout my childhood.I vividly recall the kitchen which had a brick boiler for hot water for the tea.The first person through the door had to fill and light the boiler for the all important tea!!Happy memories.
  2. I feel that I didn't make myself clear in my previous post. Having worked in housing management for 25+ years I can assure you that this kind of problem is common. The management of your housing would of course be better if they could work on real safety issues instead of having to pick up after everybody. By real issues I mean totally unsanitary properties, nuisance neighbours,window replacements,child safety locks on Windows and cupboards I could go on and on. I have both rented and bought property and it always took us over a year to remove crap,weeds,old fencing and even once an engine!! I have had more van hires and skip hires than you can mention. It's all part of life ce la vie.
  3. The property would have been inspected before letting although the housing officers responsible don't carry ladders around,have to work to elf and safety,so can't always inspect the loft or attic space.If there is a staircase or loft ladder fitted then it should have been inspected and cleared.I'm not sure from your post which it is. They should take the rubbish if it was there when you took the property and you can prove it.They would recharge the outgoing tenant or their estate. Hope this helps
  4. you asked for advice and got it - good advice Don't throw your dummy out be cause you dont really like the answers The safety of your child is surely your responsibility as a parent Use initiative as the rest of us do
  5. When you took up the tenancy you would have signed a Tenancy Agreement. You will have a copy o this and this is where your answer is. You have stated that there was a fence, although in poor condition,when you moved in,this fence came down presumably because of wind damage,which is an act of God in law. If your tenancy agreement states that you are responsible for garden maintenance ( which I think you'll find it does ) then you are responsible for the fencing replacement. I suggest blocking the holes in the fences as a temporary measure with anything does the job - plastic mesh,pile up the soil and make sure your child doesn't go out unsupervised if they can't be trusted to stay put. try bushes in the gaps rather than full edging or large plant pots will get rid of the pile of muck a and address the holes
  6. Hi. I hope somebody out there can help me. My Mum was born in one of the courts on Verdon Street.She attended Pye Bank School in the 1930s. Does anyone know of any photographs of this area back then or even better, does any want to share there own memories of that time. None of this is for publication or used for any other purpose that my family history records. Thank You
  7. The answer is both - a process of evolution over many years. The original houses where back to back or long terraces with two rooms or flat terraces. As laws and requirements and expectations evolved the houses were built with a Schuller which contained the cold water supply and probably a boiler. At this time many of the straight terraces had the offshoot kitchen s added a sort of modernisation if you would. So the only way to be sure is to survey the actual property itself then it's secrets will be travelled. ---------- Post added 16-06-2015 at 19:20 ---------- offshoots not joining on well could be due to poor bonding or eroded all ties too as well as foundation issues,extreme settlement again you need to see it to identify it. hope this helps you
  8. sounds all too familiar I'm afraid. I have given up on the benefits system,the NHS,local councils and GO services. Before I gave up I spent most of every day administering the lot of em,or so it seemed. I have 6 lots of consultants and clinics to deal with and they CANNOT talk to each other.I tried to become an expert on medications to keep up with it all but what with brand names/drug names and pronunciation differences I couldn't keep up. Now my medications are constantly wrong but all you get is "well J did write to them" I could go on for hours literally hence I surrendered and now just go with it. However I find it difficult to sound as dumb or come up with the lamest answers ever!!
  9. respect to you for asking for advice when I was learning to drive roundabouts scared me to death and the Brownsville one is so confusing if you don't know it not to .mention the drivers who just make their own lane! ---------- Post added 05-06-2015 at 23:15 ---------- I have no idea why Brownsville came up in that post!
  10. see my post below "benefits system is CHAOS I am going through a horrible time with th lot of them.Contrary advice being one problem, the various departments who don't talk to each other, th numerous telephone numbers and press this press that scrappy music. I swear if you're not suffering from depressions when you start you will be what n you've finished. I was in exactly the same position as you . I'm in Sheffield and mum was in Barnsley. I believe the current system is unworkable duplicitous and designed to deter people from claiming.I also believe that it won't get better until we as a society take direct action I'm NOT condoning violence in any way but the poll tax riots did have an affect. if we all stopped paying council tax for instance the system would grind to a halt they don't have enough staff or prison space to deal with mass civil disobedience.
  11. I have recently had to contact the powers that be regarding a change in circumstances. It's the road to hell! Because I qualify for DLA and SEA and my husband is my carer we have had to phone 3 offices. We have spoken to people in Wolverhampton,London,Wales,Blackpool and Rotherham. The advice given has varied depending on which phone call,put together it's total confusion and no clear answers from anybody except the DLA department, who were great. So it appears that now my payments will be stopped until they sort themselves out. No wonder that people don't contact them. I now live in fear of what comes next and although it seems they agree that I'm medically falling apart it's OK to put me through all this crap. The one thing I can't get out of them is a clear answer to any questions I have but I'm expected to be able to sit through a 20 minute inquisition and instantly know all the answers they want any them informed me that all my (very confused) answers were being noted etc I felt like a criminal being interviewed for murder, and I'm sure that they will want blood before they sort it all out. Winge over!
  12. Mr Barton history teacher gave me a passion for history that has stayed with me and has been an important part of my life. His lessons were an absolute joy to me we pioneered the brand new history syllabus covering modern history 1840-1964 he covered the holocaust,SS,nazi and communist issues with full honesty and disclosure whilst being sensitive and respectful. I think of him often and thank him once again
  13. They didn't know how many native there were out there an initially only a small group of soldiers were sent the idea being that the convicts would be so aware that there was no escape they wouldn't be any advantage to try and do so. There was also great fear of the native wildlife and almost complete ignorance of what would bite, kill them or be good to eat etcc There relied entirely on ships bringing supplies from England and other parts of the empire.it wasn't an easy voyage,delays and losses were inevitable. Hope you find this unlawful
  14. Thank you -wow that's a lot of bombs my research may take a little longer. If anyone ha any personal or family stories please share,you could give me a clue without knowing it. Thanks again
  15. Does anybody know any details about the bomb which demolished and severely damage several more My my.s family were bombed out 3 times and pitsmoor was one of the addresees any info at all wood be very helpful.
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