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  1. John Sessions has died aged 67. Thanks for (my personal fav) Stella Street and so much more great comedy 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Not the complete advert, but, at the end of the (Nick Frost) Barclaycard ad. When the Villain shouts down at the Superhero and his aide, it's the Superhero's "RUDE"! remark and how the big guy puts it across!, that, for some reason!, just makes me giggle everytime!!!. I can't say why!, it just does.
  3. Apparently, tickets can be 'held over' for use next year or you can obtain a full refund (details to be announced asap).
  4. The Tiger King. His character & eccentricity draws you in, ably aided by his troupe of society's strays & misfits, as the storyline builds through each episode. The point at which we decided he had 'lost the plot' or whether he ever had it in the first place was well debated long after the last episodes 'summing up' by those involved. A damning indictment of USA laws surrounding Wild Animals in captivity, (or mainly the people allowed to keep them), Intriguing, entertaining, thought provoking and ultimately sad,... Make your own mind up!!.
  5. He had his troubles!, but what a Showman Rock 'n' Roll LEGEND. RIP
  6. Honor Blackman has died at 94 years age. Goodbye to Bond's Pussy Galore .
  7. Yes, lindylou53, that 'house/small holding' is the the former Rowell Bridge Inn. If you open Hillsbro's link and google maps (satelite) and compare the image/view it confirms your 'suspicions'!!. Another great link courtesy of Hillsbro 👍
  8. R.I.P. I am gutted to hear of Pete's death, a brilliant wordsmith 1 of the first singles I bought was 'What Do I Get/Oh Sh#t', still got it and still play it.
  9. Taxman With you on that, moreso after Neymar's shamefully embarrassing injury feign display at the end of the game against Mexico. Ontario 1981 Not what was in my mind at the time of my text to be honest. I have a relative who still 'crucifies' himself at the mention of 'that' 1966 game!. To me 1966 is OUR(!) World Cup, OUR WIN and OUR WINNING HEROES, who should ALL have been knighted (not left to live out their days struggling to get by, by selling off their medals etc to survive old age, but I won't get started on that shameful despicable outcome). HEROES EVERY 1 OF THEM to me and thousands/millions of others, boy to man!. For myself (and I believe!, others!?) I would love to see England win the World Cup in my lifetime...… It's on my 'Bucket List', has been for a couple (Ahem!!) of years now!!!
  10. The Royal Standard had a 'live' weekend the 1 before last and have a great ongoing live programme :thumbsup: White Lion, Heeley enough said :thumbsup: Just 2 of many that put on live 'performers' of a good standard. Depends on what you are looking for!!!??. Plenty out there giving a platform to live acts on the 'Sheffield Scene', if you look for them!. It's still a very vibrant scene 'LIVE' locally :banana:
  11. Once the Belgians fluked their 1st goal the japs went to pieces and got nipped at the death!!. Any team that throws away a 2 goal lead has no excuse for their defeat.
  12. PM'd you, Kellogz5 My apologies haddy, oops!.
  13. Good to hear his team-mates are talking to him!! :hihi:
  14. Ace of Base - All That She Wants, "All that she wants is a bowl o' gravy". Paul Young - The Butcher's Song!! "Every time you go away, you take a piece of meat with you". The buzzcocks - What Do I Get "Just wanna rubber, like any udder, what do I get".
  15. Solero (quote);- We were like Spinal Tap and changed drummers every five minutes, and at least one of them, a guy called Simon from Rotherham, came to an untimely end although it was not quite in the spontaneous human combustion category - he crashed his motorbike with a girl called Sirrah on the back in 1984 and both of them were killed. At one time we had a proper professional drummer, a guy called Kenny Slade, who had worked with Joe Cocker. Hi Solero. I believe the drummer may have been Simon Hart. I heard of his (and his pillion passengers) death years later, but never any details about the crash. He was a Sheffield lad probably living in Rotherham at the time!. R.I.P. Kenny can still be found enjoying his retirement in the pubs/bars of Crookes & Hillsborough corner.
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