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  1. Hi there people. Does anyone know how old the Noose Gibbet building is on Attercliffe. I know it was the Railway pub at one point but im not entirely sure what it was before that. Can anyone enlighten me?
  2. A ghost or spirit in the Leeman Road tunnel would be very plausable.
  3. The video with the girls was filmed in leeman road tunnel.
  4. Im not sure to be honest. I was told by someone I know that theres an allegedly haunted tunnel in Stocksbridge that you can walk through. I know the by-pass is supposed to be haunted so I didn't know if they were kinda mixing two places up. The locations of either would be useful at this point.
  5. Can anyone tell me where abouts the stocksbridge tunnel is? Not entirely sure if its called that or just locally known as that. Its a spooky one if this helps anyone. lol
  6. yeah.. i was clued up on the name recently .. the person who brought it to my attention told me it was the pindle.
  7. yeah, i know about Mosborough hall and the white lady, did my research on the hall a while ago. Thanks for the information about the pindle. Where did you hear it from if you dont mind me asking?
  8. I imagine it's a lot creepier at night. The highlight of my lil mission was making an old lady jump lol
  9. I went down it today and I thought I saw something but it could have just been my mind playing tricks on me. I'm putting it down to something reflecting off of my glasses.
  10. know of any unexplained activity or any stories of It?
  11. I was told it was spooky etc so I thought id have a look into it.
  12. Thanks very much guys. As I said earlier the guy who told me this stuff is abit of a Sherbet umbrella. Uv all been a great help.
  13. I just need to know something its near like a pub or something. How hard can it be to find a narrow alley.
  14. Yeah I was told it was about 5 mins walk away. To be totally honest the person that gave me the information is about as useful as a sherbet umbrella.
  15. Is there anyone on here that can tell me about an alley way in Mosborough called the Pindle. Im not 100% sure if that's its name or a nickname. Someone mentioned it to me in passing convo and I cant seem to find anything on it. I was told it was on station road and that's all iv got. Any information would be appreciated.
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