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  1. In complete agreement...The Russian GP was just sooo droll....And I still cant get used to the "Duck Fart" sound of the cars....
  2. Its just the tip of the iceberg, once the Authorities actually ditch their PC ethics and complete a intensive investigation they will find it has been happening on a HUGE scale.... IMO, its not a race issue...Its a religion issue and it needs to be tackled in a Pincer Movement...1) The Authorities 2) The Muslim community Elders condemning this behaviour.
  3. Many thanks to all that have replied, I think I am on the right track now...
  4. Many thanks for your reply Joto, will try your suggestions. Cheers :) PW
  5. Hello All I was wondering if anyone can help me, I am looking for my Biological Father, his name is Brian Dickinson and he would by well into his 60's now, he met my Mother Christine Wallis around 1966/7 whilst she was temporarily living in Sheffield, my Mother was originally from Sunderland. His last known address was Smithymoor Avenue in Stocksbridge. I know this may be dragging up the past for some but any news or information would be a great help for me in the fact that it may open up new phase of my life or indeed draw a line under the whole situation. Thanking you in anticipation PW
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