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  1. The electorate have spoken. Do you think his supporters will march around Edinburgh with placards saying "SNP out"?
  2. Jim Murphy might only have been Labour leader in Scotland for a few months, but it looks like he is being used as a scapegoat by the party for its annihilation at the hands of the SNP. He is to face a vote of no confidence. Perhaps the party should face a vote of no policies.
  3. Once again trotting out the same old missinformation that cost Labour the election. There is the problem. You seem to assume that the electorate are thick and fall for that twaddle. The electorate saw through that years ago which is why it cut no ice at the election. Hopefully Labour will carry on with the same tack and lose again in 2020. :hihi: By the way EU membership has sod all to do with one's ability to live in a place. That is down to one's ability to pay the bills, but it is nice of you to show such insincere concern.
  4. You seem to read rather too much into similarities between a referendum and the UK elections. Scotland had a referendum a few months ago in which around 45% of the voters voted to go for independence. 55% voted against. That is nothing much to do with voting in a General Election where there is a multi choice question of who the voter would like to represent them in the UK parliament. In that election 50% of those who voted voted SNP. 50% voted for other alternatives. Some may well have voted SNP hoping for independence. Others voted SNP because they thought they would ring a better deal out of theUK government for their constituency. Ironically the better the deal the SNP do get for Scotland the worse is their case for independence. I also suspect there are a few in Scotland who are hoping to extract more for themselves from Westminster, but would be terrified of over stepping the mark and actually being cast adrift from the UK. That can't happen in a General Election.
  5. But it is far easier not to keep banging your head against the wall here and do what Hammersons did and simply invest in a more dynamic environment where business, motorist and profit aren't classed as swear words. If the city of Sheffield expects to be part of any major Northern regeneration it needs to start to make itself attractive to inward investment and use that as a route to being considered worthy of a trans-Pennine tunnel.
  6. As it happens I and a lot of others are the ones who have had to pay rather a lot of cash into the system, rather than taking anything out. In a couple of years I intend to have sold my interests on and cleared off to the Algarve. But thank you for your concern. It is good to know that the government is trying to peg back the deficit so there will still be a few bob in the kitty when I start to draw my pension.
  7. I don't ever remember saying you did vote Labour. You certainly didn't vote Tory, but then neither did I. However unlike you I'm pretty pleased with the result. I am self employed, and don't really need financial advice from you. I pay an accountant and a financial advisor to do that, and it seems to work pretty well.
  8. UKIP are only a short way onto a very steep learning curve. The most useful lesson UKIP learned from the election is where their strengths lie. It will allow them to contest far fewer seats where they have a realistic chance. It will allow them to select strong reliable candidates and concentrate resources on them. Don't be surprised if at the next election they get 1/3 of the votes they got this time but picked up 4 or 5 seats for their trouble. If they can't do that they may as well roll over and die.
  9. That's cool. You just lost an election trying to pedal that flim flam. Fortunately no one was fooled by it. Labour failed to take any of the target seats in Yorkshire because folk aren't as gulible as you seem to think they are. Enjoy 5 years of Cameron followed bt 5 years of Boris... :hihi:
  10. And unfortunately for Labour the electorate didn't swallow that load of flim flam either. That's why Labour have another 5 years of opposition.
  11. It is a good idea to wait for them to accept defeat first.
  12. It must be an interesting interpretation of demonising as it clearly didn't upset the Scots. The Tories got almost exactly the same number of votes in Scotland as they did in 2010. Labour on the other hand didn't.
  13. You will probably get used to it in the next decade.
  14. Given the result of last Thursday's election. It would appear the country won.
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