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  1. Hi All. I have bought a 1900 built semi. The gable wall needs repointing and I would like to ask has anyone had theirs done and how did they avoid or minimise the dust expell from using an angle grinder??? I'm looking to hire a company but two companies I have phoned so far assure me there wont be much the dust and they don't use an form of dust extraction etc. Now I have had the chimney stack re-pointed a while back and because it is a narrow street with many cars, I got a couple of complaints because studpidly I didn't have any proir knowledge that is was going to be so dusty. Any tips, advice, pointers would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Hi All. Looking to get my 17" alloys refurbed gloss black. As with anyone looking to get this done I would like as perfect as possible job doing for as cheap as possible price. I've had one bad experience where on a previous car they just slighly filled in the chips and sprayed with normal black paint + they only did the faces even though I specified I wanted the tyres removing and the complete wheels painting. I've been told the sand blast the old off/powder coat method is getting it done properly. The wheels are not currently fitted to the car so I would be able to leave them with the company I will be using. If anyone can recommend a decent place in Sheffield/Chesterfield/Nottingham or thereabouts please?? Also if you can give me rough prices of how much I would be looking at to get the job done. Thanks in advance, :-)
  3. Thank you for you help. Much appreciated. Let you know how I get on :-)
  4. https://www.mybuilder.com/job/view/238169 It's not my photo but the feed and return pipes are a similar setup. The solder has over run from the top pipes t piece and soldered the top pipe to the copper pipe below. The photo is at the bottom of the webpage link. Cheers.
  5. Hi All. Just looking for some advice if anyone can. I know it's close to xmas. Radiator feed pipe inlet and return run together along the wall. The previous plumber must of put too much solder on the inlet pipe and so solder has stuck the two pipes together. We have bought a new radiator which I want to fit myself, but as the two pipes are stuck together i can splay them far enough apart to diconnect the valve connections. 1) The plumber is busy for 2 weeks so no go + he will most likely want ££ 2) Could I use a hacksaw to cut in between both pipe (cut the solder) 3) Torch the solder until it melts then quickly wipe it off with a rag?/ Thanks, Dave
  6. Hi All. I've seen some bits I need which CEF have. I am a DIY'er and on their website it looks like a trade only business. Can anyone clarify?? Cheers, Dave
  7. Hi All. Just to update you all. I got a full refund. We took it back to the supermarket in question and they were happy to refund. The brand name : Bauhn. Whenever I have bought a Tv in the past, I have never had to syncronise a picture with sound myself. I have just literally plugged it in and away we go. To say the Tv was 4k ready super HD LED, our old TV that we bought several years ago which is the old LCD is way better picture quality when plugged into our sky box. Maybe I just expected too much. Thanks again for all your comments. Dave
  8. Hi All. Bought a new tv last night from a supermarket. They dont have them on display so I suppose it was a gamble. We have a sky box via hdmi lead. The sound is out of sync with the picture being showed and the overall picture is very poor quality even on hd channels. Our 10yr old LCD Tv is better in every way. Under consumer law how can I get a refund?? Do we take it back saying its faulty?? Or we are not happy with the product?? The box has an aftersales support number, but we dont want to be fobbed off with a repair/replacement we just want a refund. Any help would be great. Thankyou.
  9. Hi All. I picked up some old kitchen cupboards to put up in the spare room for storage blah blah blah. They have these fixings: http://www.screwfix.com/p/concealed-cabinet-hanger-set/71846?kpid=71846#product_additional_details_container Has anyone had the pleasure of fitting them and if so how do you do it?? Cheers in advance. Dave
  10. the cam belt, water pump and tensioner pulley things were replaced by a big garage company in 2014 at 30k miles. 15k miles later and ive been told it all needs doing. something doesnt seem right.... I thought it only needs doing every 60k miles.... can a bearing fail after 15k miles?? Cheers.
  11. Hi All. So I've got a Seat Ibiza 1.4 16v Sport 57plate. 45k miles There is a ticking rattling noise coming from around the cam belt part of the engine. It gets faster as I press the accelerator. I took it to a back street garage mechanic who charged me to do a inspection. His report said bearing on it's way out. Cam belt and water pump advised to be changed. Quoted me around the £400 mark. Would someone be able to shed more light on if they have experienced similar to my situation, Is the price ok?? What bearing would he be talking about?? How long have I got before engine failure?? Any help appreciated. Cheers, Dave
  12. Hi All, So we bought a car yesterday. The guy delivered it to our house as he had tax and insurance on it. I've got the green slip V5C/2 and want to make the carn SORN until we sell our old carr. The problem is you can't make it sorn on the tax website unless you are the registered keeper. These are the exact words of the website: Unfortunately you cannot use this service yet as the previous keeper of the vehicle has not told DVLA that you are the new keeper. You should either: Wait until you receive the V5C vehicle registration certificate (log book) in your name, and then use the reference number from it to make a SORN online or complete the forms V890 (make a Statutory Off Road Notification), V62 (application for a vehicle registration certificate) and send with your V5C/2 to DVLA Swansea. My question is should I just wait until the new V5C document comes through in my name or should I be doing something else??? Confused?? Thanks in advance for any helpful comments. Dave
  13. Hi All. I have recently bought a solid brick 1900 semi-detached house. The gable wall pointing is really bad in places but I have decided I already want the whole wall re-doing. It's been measured in the past as being around 30m^2. - Could someone give me a guide price for this job including materials and scaffold etc?? - Should the material be lime mortar as supposed to modern sand cement mix?? - How long does a job like this usually take from start to finish?? - Is there anything that can be done to reduce the amount of cement dust covering everyone's cars on the street?? Thanks in advance, Dave
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