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  1. Touchy much. no more questions. ---------- Post added 20-05-2015 at 16:12 ---------- Someone else said where are the answers? I just won't bother repeating that sentiment.
  2. LOL!:hihi::hihi::hihi: ---------- Post added 20-05-2015 at 16:06 ---------- 250K PEOPLE IN BARNSLEY? jeez, and heres me thinking you lot just got running water
  3. If you get the earlier ones, it potentially adds another hour or so to the working day. Over 5 days that's nearly 5 hours. Over a year that's 240 hours. I wouldnt mind but its not as if you can get a signal on most train providers, cant use the phone or laptop (correction on virgin x country, if you manage to get a seat you can 'pay' for wi-fi). ---------- Post added 20-05-2015 at 16:01 ---------- as you've probably guessed I freekin HATE commuting!! LOL.
  4. I have trouble crossing the road, without someone holding my hand.
  5. Obviously, Obelix and friends just want to speak and everyone else to listen.
  6. You cant see the issue cos you've never had to do it obviously. It's 1 fast train an hour. You have one at 7:09 and another at 8:22 which gets in at 9:01. Not ideal timing. Over busy trains. Delays. Putting another 1 or 2 fast trains on in peak periods would help.
  7. No I didnt shout in their face, I "delivered difficult messages in an efficient way" - yes, I see your point. Aslong as we use cryptic Business speak it makes verbal abuse OK and completely acceptable. IMO this is the action of an amateur manager, and an amateur that needs taking down a peg or two with a swift and feroucious verbal retorte.
  8. the sheffield to leeds route needs more trains and better times. Done it many a time on a commute.
  9. alright, why not close the thread then if no questions allowed.
  10. in its current state, it cant do too much more. It could sort out commuting routes tho, more trains and better times. ---------- Post added 20-05-2015 at 15:15 ---------- That sounds awesome! it could be done.
  11. high up vestibule walkways, airport style running from the station to the digital campuses. extended to the bus station and beyond. That's my vision for Sheffield! ---------- Post added 20-05-2015 at 15:13 ---------- Only need to find 15 million or so, SCC?
  12. For example, if you work down there, where do you actually go?? it's not well served for cafes, bars, shops etc.
  13. No. Actually build over the road meadowhall style. Unless we build on the road, but that doesnt seem practical. ---------- Post added 20-05-2015 at 15:03 ---------- There's not much actually in the vicinity, you have to walk up a steep hill and essentially through town to get to the peace gardens - its not that accessible. My plan would be to develop all the area around the train station and link up and grow the digital campuses.
  14. It's bad and the station facilities for a city the size of sheffield are SHOCKING.
  15. I've known people who visit once and say how shocking sheffield is, because its not clear where to go for action when you leave the station. Absolutely right about the hubs, the uni is OK but it dominates the centre near the station. There is no life without the students. No shops or tourism or points of interest. Just a busy road, a series of university buildings, cinema and of course the electric works and workstation.
  16. For example. In Leeds, you kind of know you're in the centre of town from the train station. You can exit one of three ways - all ways lead to shops, offices, life and entertainment. I think Sheff could do it better than Leeds! ---------- Post added 20-05-2015 at 14:47 ---------- It's a failure of building and regeneration. Sheffield seems to be a series of half finished projects with little link between them. I agree about the supertram, it could possibly go from glossop road on to clarkehouse road on or near to eccy road.
  17. I'd like to see a concourse or walkways going from the train station area to the digital campuses around electric works and the workstation. Sheffield is too 'bitty' with no real structure. This could of course include more shops and retail opps. The town planning is atrocious and feels wrong, but it of course needs investment to make this happen...this could be on the agenda of any think tank.
  18. did he go to hospital? is there a hospital report of any injuries?
  19. Canadas pop has gone up about 100% in recent years too...theres quite a nifty google widget for this. I wonder how many more canada can take?
  20. No need to be rude. Only asking.
  21. Did you run over him or Not? If not then why did his bike Crumple? He just ran into your trailer Right? I'm trying to picture it. It seems an odd thing to do.
  22. Tbh I'm shocked anyone thinks it's acceptable to shout or reprimand staff In public. Managing people is problematic and not for everyone. its a lot of responsibility. And can be Lonely. I've be managing for 10 years on and off. Usually in small teams. You can't afford to lose control and shout or berate people publicly, as I would instanly lose respect and credibility. It's much better to encourage and man manage. Constructive criticism works with some, others it's about finding what mages them tick, when ive fallen out with staff or colleagues it's only because I demand the best out of people. It's a skill set tho and a learning curve .I've been managed also by really poor managers so take notes. I'm only really starting to feel comfortable, it's an age thing. Not the finished article and still have bad days when I feel useless! ---------- Post added 20-05-2015 at 12:34 ---------- Yep, I managed a team of 7 a few years back and felt completely out of my depth, that's when you become surly, unapproachable, shout, just generally not nice to work with. It's pressure. That's my best tip. Let people do the jobs they've been hired to do. ---------- Post added 20-05-2015 at 12:36 ---------- Yes mate, it's so much easier managing yourself. Some jobs just ain't worth he extra money to manage other people's problems.
  23. Pay him 2k for the crumpled bike you crushed and 500 for the trauma and loss of earnings. Only fair.
  24. Shouting in someones face / abuse is ok? Tbh if a line manager shouted in my face I'd do more than tell them to 'do one'. ---------- Post added 20-05-2015 at 11:55 ---------- Whats wrong with asking? I find that works better than shouting...cant remember the last time i shouted.
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