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  1. It looks like I may have to take you up on your kind offer!
  2. I know that there’s a Diwali ball but I was wondering if anyone knows about any other Diwali events in Sheffield, that are open to people who aren’t religious themselves but want to learn more? Thanks
  3. I’ll ring that number in the morning. No need to apologise-thanks for posting about it in the first place!
  4. Hi, Do you have any more information, such as the entry price and the programme of events? I can’t find any more information on their website. I would particularly like to find out what time the drumming workshop is. Thanks
  5. Anybody know of anywhere that needs female models at the moment? Any area of Sheffield, but preferably looking for somewhere that requires models in the evenings or during the day on Saturday or Wednesday. Thanks
  6. Is it ever worth the risk? All it could take is one bite for him to realise that biting is effective, especially if you ignore the other signs that he is giving to say that he is unhappy, which is what the squealing could have meant.
  7. I really would advise against doing this again unless you want to risk getting bitten or giving him even more reason to be food proud; you need to be building his trust in you if you want to stop this and his fear aggression. Set him up to succeed then reward him when he does. If he is crate trained you could crate him before you start to eat so that he doesn’t have the opportunity to steal. Give him a Kong or something else to occupy him and then reward him if/when he settles in his crate after he has finished playing with it. Have you thought about getting professional help with him?
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