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  1. Im looking for the link right now but all that is comong up is the recent asian sex offenders and an asian group jailed of selling drugs just pleaae bare with me
  2. Yes maybe they was overreacting over multiple bruising and a broken nose....
  3. I dont know about that incident put I do know one of the young victims of the "top corner crew" is still very distressed, the parents reported it to the police but don't know what they have done.
  4. It is just a warning I did not put it up for the racist card to be waved in my face.... This thread may be better off locked
  5. Young Blades WARNING Just want to let all Blades with young un’s to be aware. Before and after the last 2 home games some kids have been attack by a gang of Asian’s calling themselves The Top Corner Gang on the junction of London Rd/Chesterfield/Abbeydale Rd) This gang are picking off kids getting on/off the buses and are targeting easy pray, some of their victims being as young as 11 years old.
  6. Him and reed could cut it in the first team on a regut basis IMO.
  7. Dont worry we aren't all like on here! Islam loving hippies! Mayve wideb your search everything is done via social media these day s so maybe have a look for interest groups on twitter and facebook?
  8. Exactly what if it is the last bus and the child and mother ends up stuck in the middle of nowhere? Your "oh look at poor old me" approach to everything can work on many different platforms you know!
  9. You tell the wheelchair user to go back home or wait for the next bus. Simples
  10. Basically facebook is the samw as here, controlled and manipulated
  11. Yes I can't remember the last time they thet commited any cr....oh wait...... Anyway lets all stand in a cirle and hold hands WE ARE THE WOOORLD WE ARE THE PEEEEEOPLE
  12. Obviously anywhere else the answer would would be obvious due to common sence...but this is the sheffield forum!
  13. Game and CEX do 12 months warrantys, I have a 12gb slim console and can only fit grand theft auto and fifa on it so a bigger hard drive would be suitable for children or of you like playing lots of different games Also wortg knowing is on playstation online play (psn) is free but on xbox (xbox live) I think it is £6-7 a month
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