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  1. Wasn't it strange! It appears to have gone off now, hopefully it won't return.
  2. There appears to be a very bright white light shining from Crookes area over towards Stannington. It's bright enough to be uncomfortable to look at. Does anyone have any idea what it is?
  3. I go every year. There's plenty of things to see but it's always very very busy!
  4. There was Pippys in the later 80s early 90s and then the early incarnation of Rocky Horrors was up the rickety stairs in the dilapidated buildings on Cambridge Street.
  5. Try Ghostrider on here. He did my wedding and does the Sportsman and Dog & Partridge in town.
  6. Some of it is commissioned work by http://www.kidacne.com/blog/
  7. I don't send them. In fact I rarely send Christmas cards. Humbug
  8. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. They are giant babygro's.
  9. They carry on as normal in the same way that the rest of the non Christmas celebrating faiths do
  10. Sadly, however you change the law, if someone wants something enough they will find a way to get it.
  11. You are on the internet, go and have a look.
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