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  1. Sorry if it's already been mentioned but does anyone know if Lydgate Juniors are closed? Theyr too late in letting people know, especially if ur not in walking distance of school!
  2. I couldnt even stand up in my street in Walkley this morning! Fell over twice, you just cant get a grip on the ground at all. Had to get down on my hands and knees at one point to get through the ice! Spent the morning in childrens A&E as little one fell on the ice and had to have stitches. I wont be risking it to get to work in this weather again, its just not worth it
  3. I currently work 30 hours per week and also receive working tax credit plus child tax credit for my little one. My partner has just finished uni & is of course struggling to find work. In the meantime is my partner eligable to claim J.S.A if Im working, and will it affect my working tax credit?
  4. haha, yeah you know like home bargain-esque retailers!
  5. My mrs loves the stuff, she's found it in meadowhall before on the little stands in the aisles or in random cheap shops
  6. Ive got a couple of phones that are worth a bit and recently considered envirophone. I owndered if anyone else has used them and if so how it went? Being the cynic I am, I had reservations about giving them my mobile number (which they ask for as mandatory info) incase they sold it on to other companies etc. Maybe a bit far fetched, but you never know!!
  7. I know students can sometimes be a problem, but I dont think taking flowers out is there style. So Im sticking up for them on this occasion. It sounds to me like it might be bored teenagers?
  8. It would probably be best to just call NHS direct, they're there to give advice and might help put your mind at ease. Kitty- Ive got a little one at Infants too, checked http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/closures but just coming up as juniors at mo. I think it may be a matter of time till they close infants tho! If you hear anythin let us know
  9. I go there all the time, ask for Hannah, shes great and not too pricey
  10. You should ask if there is a primary mental health worker based at your GP surgery who could work with you around your issues. Or a referal to community mental health team for an assesment, as you could then get a diagnosis and they can refer you to relevant services
  11. Haha! It made me paranoid that, everytime I looked up it was on a wall. I thought I was being followed!!
  12. Anyone know if the buses are running ok today? Looked on the websites but not updated as yet
  13. I wouldnt attempt it if I were you. I got stuck at Crookes and cant get my little one to Lygate infants today, plus when I was coming back on the bus it came over the radio that they were tsking the 52's off the road. Unless its changed in the last hour obviously
  14. If anyone hears anything on Lydgate Infants please let us know. We're getting dressed slowly incase its shut!
  15. Tapton is shut and King teds, plus Lydgate lane is inpassable, and seeing as the juniors is only round the corner, I reckon you've got a sledging day too!
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