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  1. Hi, when we tested the renewal feature originally we felt it wasn't very user friendly and would create more work for our volunteer support team - therefore we decided not to allow ad renewal for the time being.
  2. Ok, does it happen on any particular pages? Are you using any zoom or text size settings on your phone at all?
  3. Hi, I've had a look on my Android phone and can't see the same issue. As above, could you let us know which device you have? Happy for you to PM me if you prefer
  4. Hi, sorry for any confusion but we currently have no intention to support the ability for users to upload files to their posts, primarily in the interest of not increasing the workload of our volunteer moderators. Like many sites we would encourage the use of free services like Imgur.
  5. You should be asked once per device/browser, as saying you're ok with cookies on one device should cover you unless you use a new browser/incognito mode. You shouldn't be asked again if you browse on the same device while logged out.
  6. That is unusual, are you using any form of cookie blocker or incognito/private mode while browsing the forum? As you should only be asked once.
  7. Hi, I've made a note to look into this - it's not a standard part of the new software but we'll look into options and consider implementing it again This is right, and ads are removed after expiry, which might explain why some of them are disappearing.
  8. Hi Janus, sorry no one got back to you on this - we're happy to accept new suggestions here if you're not able to get through to Moonbird?
  9. Looking into this now, are you both able to confirm which mobile devices you're seeing this on? Feel free to PM me if you prefer. Also does the issue remain after refreshing the page?
  10. Hi, you should be able to see all the categories here: https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/classifieds/ let me know if not?
  11. Thanks for letting us know of this suggestion - we'll look into adding it soon
  12. Hi, thanks for letting us know! This seems to be caused by rotating the phone sideways, then back again - we'll look into it and reply back with progress
  13. Hi guys, thanks for your patience on this - looks like we've fixed this 1970 issue and implemented a neater, short month name format.
  14. Hi, as Groose says we don't allow for signatures to be included. If you need to include contact details you can do so while filling in the details for your ad Hi @grand, thanks for your feedback - do you have any suggestions of how we could better organise the classifieds? We could certainly look into removing the need for images if this is preferred among everyone else?
  15. We'll be including a job section too
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