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  1. Josh

    New forum feedback and questions

    Hi, you should be able to see all the categories here: https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/classifieds/ let me know if not?
  2. Thanks for letting us know of this suggestion - we'll look into adding it soon
  3. Josh

    Ads breaking layout (Mobile)

    Hi, thanks for letting us know! This seems to be caused by rotating the phone sideways, then back again - we'll look into it and reply back with progress
  4. Josh

    Joined january 1970

    Hi guys, thanks for your patience on this - looks like we've fixed this 1970 issue and implemented a neater, short month name format.
  5. Josh

    New forum feedback and questions

    Hi, as Groose says we don't allow for signatures to be included. If you need to include contact details you can do so while filling in the details for your ad Hi @grand, thanks for your feedback - do you have any suggestions of how we could better organise the classifieds? We could certainly look into removing the need for images if this is preferred among everyone else?
  6. Josh

    Job vacancies

    We'll be including a job section too
  7. Josh

    Job vacancies

    Hi all, thanks for your patience. We had originally hoped to get this live before Christmas but there were unexpected delays. We've been working today getting the classifieds area ready and expect it to be live by the end of tomorrow - we'll keep you posted!
  8. Josh

    New forum feedback and questions

    Hi, apologies - I made a mistake while making some styling changes and the layout got switched to the thinner, "boxed" view. It should be back to the full width of your screen now?
  9. Hi, we'd never say never but we're currently focussing on the major task of transferring the forum onto the new software.
  10. Hi all, We've been making good progress testing the new forum software we'll soon be upgrading to. I've put together a quick introduction video to give everyone a feel for how it will work - click here to watch it. As mentioned in the video we're still keen to accept more testers - email us at office@sheffieldforum.co.uk for more details. Thanks
  11. Hi all, just to confirm this temporary issue has been fixed and the search should be back to normal now. Let us know here if you spot any issues!
  12. Hi, the site's server was rebooted and we believe this has caused some issues, we've flagged it up to our hosting company and hopefully it will be back online very soon. Thanks!
  13. Josh

    Signature limits

    Hi, we've looked into this and the limit can be reached if you put enough text on a line for it to be counted as a fifth line - this is stated in the message you saw: If a line of text goes over 90 characters it will be counted as more than one line. I hope this clarifies and resolves the issue - the limitation system isn't exact and is intended as a guide.
  14. Josh

    Signature limits

    Hi, Sorry for the confusion - could you point out where you're seeing the rule being documented as 4 lines? Thanks!
  15. Josh

    Forum https mixed content

    Thanks for your feedback on this - we've resolved the issue and you shouldn't see the error now. If you run into any further issues feel free to reply to this thread

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