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  1. Your dad's mum Mary Jane was my mum Betsy Grayson's sister and she looked after your dad as a baby after his mum died. I remember seeing your dad when he worked in a butchers near Castle Market. If you want to chat more you can send me a message.
  2. Hi chocoholic Arthur your dad is my cousin I think. Was his mum called Beat and does he have a sister called Joan? I was a bridesmaid at Joan's wedding.
  3. Anybody go to Wincobank Primary School 1958 to 1964?
  4. I believe my granddad Israel Grayson fought in WW!. I think he lived in Attercliffe? Does anybody have any info about the regiment he might have been in?
  5. Hi I'm Betsy Graysons daughter and she was your dad Peter's auntie. It would be nice to have a chat.
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