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  1. Bloody hell there’s more armchairs and sofas on this topic than a DFS sale!
  2. Absolutely do not get a cat. We’v had a fair few of them over the years but I never knew what antisocial behaviour was till I started trying gardening. Your little pets will dig up and crap in anything your neighbors try to grow. I have to put wire mesh over everything from plants to grass seed to keep the furry turd machines out.
  3. No room for a greenhouse here but the backyard is a sun trap so tomatoes doing well. Also French and runner beans taking off in a half barrel after a slow start this year. Clematis plant died for no obvious reason so knocked up some brackets with some steel from the shed and put up a planter on the trellis to grow spring onions instead. Couple of tubs of carrots on the go which are a pain in the arse to prick out but the girls love to pick them. Loads of peas which I never get to eat due to my OH and granddaughter indulging in the annual sport of robbing grandads peas. Yeah fish blood and bone or phostrogen are good and the rats are dealt with by Dad’s old.22. Doubt any of this makes much difference to the food bill but I think it’s good for kids to learn that food doesn’t just appear in shops. Also if you have kids take them blackberry picking in your local woods. Blackberry and apple crumble is nice to have in the freezer as a treat when the dark nights and grey skies return
  4. Serious consequences for Russia too if they try to attack a Nato member. Looks like the master strategist in the Kremlin has put himself between a rock and a hard place.
  5. The west isn’t fiddling, it’s supplying the artillery to out gun Russia. The Russian horde has settled into its comfort zone of shelling cities to rubble which is the only thing its crap tacticians know how to do. If the Russian artillery is forced back beyond range of Ukraine targets then their infantry and armour will be facing a whole new ball game. We are doing what Ukraine has asked us to do and rightly so. As for enforcing a settlement on Zelensky what does that even mean? We don’t have the legal or moral authority to do anything of the sort. Your “solution” is clearly the abandonment of Ukraine and the appeasement of a dictator and we all know how that’s worked out in the past. The real solution is for the Russians to get the malleting they richly deserve, the cult of the Russian military to be debunked once and for all and Putin and his cronies to be dangling from the lampposts of Moscow.
  6. “Stick em up your arse and they last a bit longer “ IIRC 😂
  7. Top post, well said!👍
  8. So you advocate negotiation when that means Ukraine ceding territory but have previously stated that ceding territory encourages the Bear to come back for another bite. Sounds like Catch 22 to me.
  9. Wow I’m sure that’s going to get the Russians flocking to trade in their western cars. It’ll be in good company though if the video of their van is anything to go by. UAZ I think it was, in production since the 60’s and featuring some of the lousiest welding I’ve ever seen.
  10. Well the sanctions must be achieving something. Russia is reportedly running out of precision munitions due to the lack of imported electronic components. Several days ago I read an article regarding Lada’s new “sanction proof “car. It has no ABS or modern seat belt tech, presumably fuel injection and engine management will be the next to go so back to carburettors and a choke knob then. Putins nostalgia for the good old days playing out probably not as intended. As an aside I wonder what the traditional customers of Russian armaments are making of the poor performance of these products on a real battlefield.
  11. Been watching the “Love, death and robots “ series on Netflix by any chance?
  12. Yes to Marathons, always thought Snickers was a bloody daft name. Yes to Frys five centres but no to Spangles, like chomping broken glass and always the last remaining item in the Christmas selection box. Bring back Golden Cup caramel bars, they were the best! Last time I was in Farmfoods they were selling multi packs of Ruffle bars so yeah they’re still around 👍
  13. A few years ago Morrisons had an aisle selling American confectionary. One of the items for sale was Twinkies so sharing your curiosity I bought a box. A Twinkie is a small sponge cake bar probably about 4 inches long with a “cream “ filling. Even though they are small I found they were so sickly I couldn’t eat a full one. Trust me Anna we really aren’t missing out on anything there 🤮
  14. I’m guessing the gear shift on those Zephyrs were column change, thus preventing an awkward and uncomfortable knob from interfering with the bench seat gymnastics 🤣
  15. Oy Rockers! Stop banging on about your 40 quid Zephyrs you auld wind up merchant. It’s enough to make me need another cigarette!🤣
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