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  1. When god was handing out noses,Tiny thought he said roses and asked for a big red one. Club joke from the 80’s. Snake (Brian) had a beautiful king python about 10 feet long. He rode a 750/4 black hard tail stock rake low rider similar to the one I had a few years later except mine had an XS 650 engine. Glinn (sp?) lived at sharrow or nether edge I can’t remember which. He had a mildly customised honda 550 (club entry level bike) but was building his dream XS 850 triple in his flat. He had a polecat that liked to lay on your shoulders while you were socialising and sharing “refreshments “.
  2. Back in the 80’s I had a girlfriend who used to work there. She lost a finger tip on one of the machines and it was never found. I never ate the stuff after that revelation! Remember the jingle- “We like sutherlands sumptuous sutherlands spread on sumptuous sutherlands spread “. If memory serves.
  3. Magilla, no the black box does not differentiate, you are instantly marked down for a legally required emergency stop. If the system was capable of averaging out hard braking over a period of time then it wouldn’t be an issue but it doesn’t. Also totally agree with Resident, over reliance on speed cameras has lead to some of the worst driving I have seen in 30 odd years of being on the road.
  4. The Chinese government probably didn’t account for the increase in scrutiny of their internal affairs that their desire for greater world prominence would bring would be my guess. The Soviet Union went bankrupt so I suppose the same thing could happen to China if their international trade was stopped but I doubt many countries would have the stomach for that As an aside, a piece I was reading the other day mentioned a problem that the Chinese communist party had unwittingly inflicted on itself. Due to the one child policy the population had started to fall so the government was encouraging people to get married and have kids. Unfortunately for them they had also instituted a policy to educate girls. The newly educated women didn’t want the hassle, expense and patriarchy of marriage and kids. They also weren’t impressed by the government’s attitude to them as baby makers to be turned on and off at will. Guess attempts at social engineering don’t always work out as planned. In reply to frigate, lads I’ve spoken to in the military regard the PLA as a bunch of poorly trained kids equipped with unreliable knock off AK’s. They’re pretty confident that in a stand up conventional war with the west the PLA would get their arses handed to them. Whether that is true or the product of our own propaganda machine I don’t know.
  5. It might be a good idea for the criminal record part to be voiced more loudly. Spending a fortune in time and money for an education seems pointless if you may be turned down by potential employers because of your criminal record . I don’t think I would be keen on hiring such irresponsible people if I were an employer.
  6. I recently inherited a pile of books about old Sheffield including a couple about the blitz. One contained a copy of the original map issued to German aircrew. Primary and secondary targets were outlined in red or purple and included steel works, railway junctions, hospitals and breweries among other things. Listed at the side of the map were the names of factories in English and what they produced in German. I think the intent was both strategic and terror bombing but accuracy was low on the strategic side. Note, the German airforce did not possess heavy bombers only medium ones. This was because it was developed as a tactical force to directly support ground forces, it was pretty good at this having practiced it during the Spanish civil war.
  7. Just got back from taking the in laws for their jab at Manor Park. They were in and out like lightning, loads of people getting done down there, top job all round. Only niggle would be poor location as just off the roundabout and no parking which makes it a bit awkward for the elderly.
  8. Thanks for your insightful reply Westie1889. So to sum up, strictly from a layman’s point of view I hasten to add. They want a strong military because that’s what superpowers do. They want global influence and work towards that through soft power programs in developing countries. They are desperate to crack down on democracy in HK and Taiwan because they don’t want the contagion to spread to mainland China and upset the political status quo. They are trying to juggle all this while other countries they have strong trading links with and/or considerable financial investments in are expressing their disapproval. Would you say that was broadly accurate or is there more to it?
  9. Some time back I read an article written by a defence analyst. He stated that China’s expansion of its military and also its hacking program could be traced back to the Gulf wars. Namely they were shocked at the ease with which modern forces steamrolled the obsolete soviet era kit used by both Iraq and China. The rush to modernise began. Fast forward to the present and we have the following: China’s fast expanding navy is to include amphibious assault ships, an offensive rather than defensive weapon. Captains in coast guard vessels can now open fire at their own discretion. Chinese warplanes have repeatedly violated Taiwanese airspace and just to finish up China has told Taiwan that independence means war. Meanwhile Biden has reiterated support for Taiwan. This isn’t boding well in my view, thoughts?
  10. A note on black boxes. Both my son and stepdaughter were required to have these fitted by their insurance companies when they started driving. They work on a score system whereby too low a score leads to withdrawal of insurance. My lad was marked down for performing an emergency stop (harsh braking)and my stepdaughter was marked down for high revs. She has a tiny engined car and lives in a very hilly area of North Yorkshire. The system is currently clearly not yet flexible enough to account for real world situations.
  11. Just had the scam call purporting to be from HMRC, the one alleging tax fraud and trying to get you to press 1. Second time I’ve had this, UK number 07241878365.
  12. I had to drive into town yesterday and it was quite busy with people and traffic. Nothing like the first lockdown, in fact except for mask wearing, you probably wouldn’t even notice much difference to pre pandemic days. On the bright side, at least for me, was there to collect a computer so my OH can finally work from home.
  13. Hi all. Just thought I’d like to share something I saw back in September of last year. I know it’s a bit late but I didn’t really have any idea of a place to post this til now. Here goes. I was in town with my OH when we decided to grab some lunch from Greggs on Angel Street. While waiting in the queue outside there was a bit of an altercation. An old homeless guy had wandered out of the shop clutching a pack of obviously stolen buns and a young guy also in the queue had challenged him. The young guy politely told him to hand the buns over and put them back on a table in the shop. The old guy started to shuffle off, the young guy stopped him and asked if he was hungry and if so what would he like. The old guy asked for a cheese bake and the young guy said he would buy him one and a drink. The young guy ordered food and drink for himself and the old guy but when he tried to hand over a tenner the shop staff flatly refused payment. The lad and the old guy both got to eat for free. In my opinion the lad was a credit to his family and the shop staff were a credit to their company.
  14. My other half has just been given a letter by her employer stating that she’s a key worker in the event she is challenged by police. The letter ends by thanking her for continuing to come in to her Covid safe office. The office is an open plan call centre so no masks cos they wear headsets and are constantly on the phone. Windows are never allowed to be open for security reasons. Covid safe apparently means they’ve staggered the desks and instituted a one way system.
  15. Tfh, yes I have seen the post about Kristallnacht and I was absolutely dumbstruck at the brass neck of it. Having read Speers account of the third reich years ago I draw a direct comparison with the Nazis use of the then new medias of cinema and radio and Trumps use of Twitter.
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