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  1. No but the saying “Tory scum “ is widely bandied around by all and sundry, even on here. About time Ms Rayner and Co grew up, quit with the name calling and actually proposed some policies that would get them re-elected.
  2. Not sure about that Carbuncle. I certainly don’t consider my hard working family deserve to be called scum. We voted Tory purely because the Labour party made themselves a complete unelectable car crash. No intention of voting Labour for the foreseeable future.
  3. The problem with kiddifying museums. It’s all great at first. Then the interactive stuff breaks and the stuff that relies on drawing suddenly has no paper anymore. Seen this years ago at the science museum in London, also Magna centre here. I think it’s down to stopping admission charges. Laudable though that sounds in theory it’s presumably why every museum now channels you out through the gift shop. The Royal Armoury in Leeds was the same last time I visited. Gone was the nice big car park and a lot of the displays visibly coated in dust. Exit re routed through gift shop. Can’t remember which politician made the high and dandy statement about making museums free again but the funding clearly doesn’t match up to the rhetoric.
  4. Agree with that HN. Visited after the refurb and was sorely disappointed. Vast majority of the knives and cutlery displays gone. There was a metallurgy student there from Australia who was greatly disappointed. Staff said stuff had been moved to Millennium gallery but it hasn’t. Our real history is sat in crates somewhere.
  5. Having issues with the new style cookie banner when coming on here. I find it a bit temperamental at the best of times but particularly annoying at the moment. Usually I use my ninja reactions to hit the icon as soon as it appears which normally does the trick. Now however I hit the icon and it promptly disappears leaving the banner permanently on screen for the duration of the visit. I’m on iPhone and not much of a techie. Is anyone else having issues or just me? Cheers.
  6. My perception is that the forum does have a left leaning bias. That said it just may be that the people who have left wing views are just more frequent posters, I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter to me as I am happy and interested to talk to people with different backgrounds and opinions to my own and I am open to having an opinion changed if a debate is convincing enough. Also I think we’re all happy not to be modded to death anymore but it doesn’t need to descend into Lord of the Flies territory. No need for name calling in a rational discussion. I’m not into football but a mate coaches a kids team and often uses a saying that should be applicable here. Play the ball, not the man.
  7. Nice one cuttsie and welcome to your mate. So first day at work. Spent the entire of primary school and secondary school being taught the metric system. Was loftily assured I would never need to use imperial measures as metric was the future. First job was an ancient cutlery firm. It had been bombed in the war and had bought brand new machines as a result. In 1946. All calibration was in imperial. All products sizes were in inches. Because it was cutlery all amounts were measured in dozens. So I would like to give a big shout out to the education system of the 70’s for its “valuable “ advice and a quiet thanks to my dad and other oldies that taught me the imperial system that we still mix and match with metric to this day.
  8. No Waldo, alas my parents had a clear out in the 80’s. If I did still have the book I would have done my best to make the Scientology nutters aware of their delusions.
  9. Wow, a thread that I can actually relate to some of what every poster has said. Yes we did all have knives as kids and adults. It’s Sheffield, loads of my relatives worked in the industry and we swapped and traded them like sweets as kids. The average cop wouldn’t have blinked an eye upon seeing a kid sharpening a scotch arrow with a six inch Bowie knife when I was a kid and a stabbing would’ve been front page news. I think gang culture, some of it imported, lack of moral guidance, lack of decent father figures/role models, poverty and weak policing/ sentencing all have a part to play in this problem.
  10. When I was a kid I loved reading science fiction books which was handy as my dad had tons of them. One day I found some pulp type books from the 40’s or 50’s by the look of them. They were monthly publications, kind of a cross between a comic book and a paperback. Among the short stories were occasional factual articles. One was by a certain Mr Hubbard and it was entitled, “Want to be a millionaire? Start your own religion.” IIRC. He listed stuff like tax advantages, etc. This was the same guy that went on to found Scientology. Yup, a science fiction writer made up a religion based on aliens after publishing an article telling people how to make up a religion. So Waldo, there is a guide out there somewhere written by a hugely successful con man if only you can find it.
  11. It’s the time of year when we will be taking our granddaughter blackberry picking, there are loads round here. We get free apples from relatives so my OH will be making blackberry and apple crumble for the freezer. Lovely to scoff with custard in the middle of winter.
  12. Mate, I don’t get to turn the telly on never mind off given the competition in this house. If I do get a look in chances are I’ll catch up on my favourite YouTube channels or have a session on the Xbox. Mostly though I’d rather be doing other stuff. Just recycled 2 pairs of scrap cast iron bench ends with some timber I had kicking around so now have a nice pair of “new” benches for our garden. I haven’t got the attention span to just sit night after night in front of the TV.
  13. Contact the school safeguarding team. They should have a list of people. I know they work with MAST (multi agency support team) so I would talk to them first. Best wishes and good luck.
  14. The reasons my interest in this forum has waned at times in the past are these. 1. Ridiculous over modding. 2. Snide condescending gits like Halibut. As far as I’m concerned good riddance.
  15. You make a good point about the education system West 77. Remember watching the excellent Guy Martin when he traveled to Russia. He was chatting to a group of lads having a kick about and asked what career choices they had made. The answers were, welding, engineering, mechanic, etc. Compare that to our kids who think being a YouTube influencer or unboxer is an actual job. That’s of course, after they have decided what gender they are. Also let’s start binning useless qualifications. My mate has run his own company for decades and I can assure you any CV that crosses his desk with Media Studies on it gets instantly filed in the bin. To finish let’s also realise that not all kids are academically inclined. Even if they leave school and go straight into labouring for the local brickie they won’t be dossing about causing trouble and will be spending their wages largely in the local community.
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