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  1. Yeah I reckon that just about nails it. My nans pies had actual big slices of apple in them, not like the shop bought ones that always have a crappy baby food purée in them. The only spice she used was a sprinkle of sugar on the top. They didn’t need preservatives either as between me, my dad and my grandad they were scoffed within a day of making.😂 She also made my dads favourite which was a cake/loaf which had dates and walnuts in it. I dunno if that’s actually a thing or if she just made it for him.
  2. Excellent post and a true demonstration of honest debate.
  3. Personally I don’t feel the need to label you crookesey. Your post sounds fine to me, if you’ve managed to be successful without standing on anyone else then fair play to you 👍
  4. Trastrick you just described most of the houses I knew as a kid 😂. Did you have a gas geyser in the kitchen and electrical appliances that could only be used in certain rooms because of a mix of old round pin and new square pin sockets? Back on topic, my nan used to make the best apple pie ever. She had a weird old gas stove which was grey and the knobs were like keys which had to be lifted before you could turn them. (Though I was threatened with a clout if I touched them) She made her pies on those old tin plates that were enamelled white with a blue rim and they were bloody lovely.
  5. Echo, I’v uncovered a few of those fireplaces too. Usual giveaway is finding a nice Victorian tiled hearth under the carpet. Hopefully leading to a cast iron and tile fire insert behind the hardboard. Usually cacked up with paint so another job for the Nitromors followed by a tube of Zebrite. Then a trip to the antique centre/junk shop/salvage yard for the missing grate and a nice fender. If you were lucky the bricks separating the flues in the chimney stack hadn’t collapsed due to damp and disuse (I seem to remember they were called mid feathers but it’s a long time ago so I might be wrong)so a bag of coyl and you were in business. A pair of pliers and a couple of feet of heavy gauge steel baling wire would make a handy toasting fork to finish the job. Btw, just to stay on topic, I had a go at making mince pies with the nipper over Christmas. We were short on margarine so I used Lurpak instead. Was a lovely bit of pastry if I say so myself.👍
  6. Not one bit, I have indicated before that my electoral choices boil down to damage limitation. I didn’t forsee Covid or the self harm the Torys have managed to inflict but if the Tooting Popular Front had gained power we would be in an even worse position.
  7. I used to strip those old doors as a sideline back in the 80’s. As I didn’t have access to an acid bath I used to take them off and strip them with a torch or Nitromors, sand, varnish and re hang them. Often a load of bits of Woodbine packet would fall out from the hinge rebates and I knew that door would be a bugger to re hang properly! Often the door would have been planed to death to fit the crappy nailed in, out of plumb casing so I pity the joiners who were having to hang them for the yuppies at Fulwood 😂. I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be a second fix joiner 100 years ago and I would imagine punch ups between them and the first fix guys would have been common. On the subject of tarts a nice lemon curd or Bakewell will do nicely. That or an obliging lass called Carol who used to know 😂😂
  8. Whatever the rights or wrongs of this situation (and I expect there will probably be wrongs) it’s not really the biggest issue we are facing. We may be on the brink of WW3. Half of the population is staring into the abyss due to looming energy prices and taxation. So the constant bickering between the government, opposition and press about Partygate smacks of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic TBH. Has anyone actually got a plan or even a clue what they’re doing when it comes to the pressing issues this country is facing?
  9. Yes the kids are definitely getting taller and maturing faster. I’m about 5’6” and my mates daughter who’s 12 is only a couple of inches shorter than me. Another mates daughter is only 10 and she is actually taller than me and would almost pass as a full grown woman. My lad has been taller than me from being a teenager as are most of the schoolboys round here. I’m not convinced that this is just down to diet unless food additives spur growth. I consider myself lucky that my OH comes from a generation that was actually taught how to cook. I don’t see how the pizza/pasta generation somehow have a better diet.
  10. IIRC haven’t we already built on green belt land? I seem to remember that the development at Jordanthorpe probably 30ish years ago was very contentious at the time.
  11. Was that the one on Valley Road by any chance?
  12. Becketts is still at the Manor top, have a fish cake from there fairly regularly. Regards pricing I can’t speak for Becketts as I didn’t grow up in that area, I grew up in Heeley. Our local chippy was Mitchells (aka Charlie’s) which was on Spencer Road where Heeley farm now stands. Chips were 5p a bag and a fish cake was the same price. Diagonally opposite on the road junction was Drakes corner shop where a pint of milk also cost 5p. How times have changed.
  13. trastrick, teeth didn’t have chance to rot with Thorntons special toffee. That stuff used to get such a grip it would just pull them out by the roots 😂 Tasted lovely though.
  14. Well whether it was called Tony’s or Minerva I don’t mind. I’m just glad other people remember it, thus proving to myself that I’m not suffering early onset dementia!
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