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  1. So you was earning £30k , why didnt you save some for a rainy day? dont come on here crying and blaming other people. You cant be that stupid if you can find a job that pays 30K so why have a flash house/car and no underpants?
  2. House prices do go up so it is an investment. Most new car loss 40% of their value in first year and if you dont have more then enough in bank to buy it outright. then you cant afford it!
  3. Other people should learn from this! dont buy what you can afford in cash, Save a good % of your spare money for rainy days. Sorry about what happen to you. but this will make you a much more better person when you get though it. it will stop you spending on things you dont really need
  4. Sorry its for the more intelligent people. When I have time I will draw some picture to make it easy for you to understand
  5. I bet you didnt go to court! So everyone lose because you are too lazy
  6. Of course there is. always will have anywhere in the world. but the average american dont have to think if they can afford to put heating on or eat tesco value food just to make ends meet
  7. Told you no one will. thats why so many tradesman are on here crying instead of trying to put a stop to those thugs
  8. What good did that do? they are still around , Robbing people and ripping all tradesman off. Funny thing is they have no money and still think they needed their house painting?
  9. SOunds like you do are dont it? how did i guess!!!! Stop sleeping with him or it will never end. He will know you will still be around, When this relationship finsh he will just look for next one as he knows you are his doormat
  10. Any update on the bike, how much did it cost to recover the bike from the compand? If the engine is knacker, you will wish they never found it or have burn it out!
  11. Its not funny, it is fact. Nothing will happen to those people. I doubt it can happen to me as i am unemployed
  12. Which bit saids Uk 6th richest in the world? we owe trillions and Uk GDP is no where near 6th http://www.worldsrichestcountries.com/ Cardoor its time to wake up. we will be class as a third world country in not distant future
  13. When are you free? my house need painting ---------- Post added 12-10-2014 at 21:36 ---------- Not going to happen. Any problem most people dont unit and hide behind close curtains
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