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  1. I know many poles,and they all want to work and not to scrounge like some immigrants. BUT we do have to realise that they are placing a burden on our services so you have to make a choice,its plusses and minuses time.
  2. So you suport the hunting of foxes,is this correct.
  3. As to the topic, I think the ban is correct we cant say were a civilised country and at the same time allow this barbaric activity to continue,how would the hunters feel if they were being chased by a pack of dogs? This is one of those old english customs that deserves to be consigned to the history books.
  4. Living close to brook hill im always get asked if I want to do buisness,saw a very nice blonde last night she looks new might give her a go. Joking . :hihi:
  5. This is something the admin of every forum needs to be made aware of,this guy went to attack someone after arguing in a chat room. http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1241158,00.html
  6. Just to update on the latest devolopments. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0ef2c8b0-75bf-11db-aea1-0000779e2340.html
  7. I think I read somewhere that pubs takings have gone down around 15% in Scotland and Ireland since the ban was introduced. So maybe town wont be so full after all.
  8. Butlers curry house at brook hill is smoking:( maybe we ought to start a thread about which restraunts still allow the filthy habbit? That way the smokers will know where to go for a fag.
  9. Lovely photos,we live in a truly wonderful part of the world.
  10. Its fair to say I have had my share,and probably far more:hihi: Like I said I LOVE em.
  11. Women are still the superior sex,I just LOVE them,sorry guys to break the bloke thing but there you go.
  12. I think it should until after the service,I was at the service on sunday and I found the sight of shoppers running round here there and everywhere while the service was taking place to be disrespectful. Why not stop advertising and close the shops in the area till the service is over,after all its not asking too much when you consider the sacrifice made.
  13. I thought the prog very interesting,not sure if they are trying propogate the theory that there is no such thing as being english,the sample was hardly large enough to say one way or the other. I would offer to have the test without the slightest hesitation,I am all for the truth will out.
  14. First direct might end up losers over this if their customers switch their accounts. If enough do just that then they might have to reconsider the charges,market forces and all that.
  15. Will be worth looking at,might give a new slant on events,it cant do any harm to have as many angles coverd as possible.
  16. No one ought to be that suprised by this Tonys cronies is well established now,the establishment look after their own.
  17. Excuse me fishy but who lives under my bed is my buisness,besides I bet no one lives under yours.
  18. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6117912.stm Who says we are obsessed with muslims.
  19. Because they tend to blow things up. Or they plan to just like this. http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1239814,00.html
  20. Ok let me say I meant on ethnic grounds just like PT ,south africans and ozzies are white so again what percentage are non white?
  21. Can you tell me the percentage of ethnics who took part in these conflicts? I doubt it was more than 1%,if that. Yep again you try to make case for these people when you know they are very marginal to say the least.
  22. Try castleton very nice village with lovely views of the valley from the top of the mountains,mount orr is very nice. And of course the castle which is well worth visiting,oh and not forgetting the caverns and what have you. And the pubs are very nice as well,try it .
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