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  1. Mod note:




    Quit goading, or prepare for yet another ban to add to your extensive collection.



    oooh I bet you feel better for that dont you Tony,your just a coward who hides behind his key board,one day someone will find your identity then we will see just how BIG you are.


    Your not fit to be admin.

  2. Firstly Joe i do apologise for actually saying something that is on topic, something that hasnt been done on this thread a lot but...


    Although 2 of the people arrested have been freed without charge which is right and proper


    A number of these people have been charged with offences under the anti terrorism act if they are found guilty of plotting to behead a muslim soldier or anyone for that matter will our resident islamaphiles condemn them or make excuses for them



    Dont hold your breath,halibut and the rest of the Islamaphiles will probably keep quiet.;)

  3. Ask me nicely and I'll teach you how to do it.


    Isn't it ironic royjames that the far right parties of this country share a loathing of homosexuals with elements of Islam, which they similarly loathe?



    Difference is the right wing dont propose to kill em:thumbsup: Come on you ought to be able to do better than that halibut.;)

  4. I am glad to see him putting climate change on the public conscientious,although hes a democrat and I support the american republican party I am fully behind him on this issue.

    This is one area where the Bush administartion hasnt done enough in the past although I think we are seeing A SLIGHT change in policy now.

    Go for it Al.

  5. For a start you stop pussyfooting about with asian youth.

    They need to be told straight that they are not above the law.

    The coppers are so frightened of a repeat of the mayhem in bradford that they will excuse practically anything.

    We have a situation in this area that you cannot imagine, it is like walking on eggshells sometimes



    Im sorry to hear your area is bad but I presume you still vote Labour? maybe you ought to think again?

    It REALLY does come down to who you want to run your council and what values they have,im not saying vote BNP but you need to think about the alternatives.

  6. Glad we agree on some things. ;)




    I actually think that the only way for multiculturalism to work is to have one culture that is "top dog".


    If a society doesn't share common beliefs, a common culture and a common identity then it isn't really a society. It becomes a series of societies/factions that will ultimately clash. It is unfortunate, but it is human nature, and we can see it in action throughout history. In recent times it happened in the former Yugoslavia and it is happening now in Iraq. I'm not saying civil war is on the horizon in this country but it is a possibility further down the road if we allow our society to become fragmented.


    You see, I'm no racist. I don't believe the British are superior to others races. I believe we are just the same. We are just as capable of doing a Yugoslavia or an Iraq given the right circumstances. I don't want us to go down that route and I believe maintaining a common cultural identity is key. It is why I believe there needs to be more integration by people from different cultures and why I don't think we should give any concessions or exemptions for people practice foreign religions. If this means that Muslims find that their relious beliefs are not always accommodated or respected then that is too bad.



    That is the best post ive seen in a while and so true.

  7. a further thought on the whole tony thing, is why do people just remember points of contention instead of all the things he has attempted to do, or done well?


    for example, peace in northern ireland.


    who would have believed it possible, 10 years ago?



    John Major ought to get the credit for that,he was the one who made it possible.

  8. I really don't know why VARB continually wants me to debate his views on the Labour Party on the BNP thread? :huh:


    Can VARB please try and stop going off-topic and stick to the subject under discussion, which is the BNP.


    So, back on topic.....


    The revelations in The Guardian, that Civil Liberty appears to be a front organisation for the BNP to obtain funds from the USA, is to be investigated by the Electoral Commission. It was a scandal that the BNP once solicited funds from Colonel Gaddafy of Libya, and it is now against the law for any political party to receive funds from overseas. It reassuring that the Electoral Commission is now going to investigate whether the BNP are trying to circumnavigate around the law, or have actually broken the law.



    Although no longer in the BNP, the cheek of the Labour people is amazing,this coming from the party of sleaze and lies is something else.

    The saying about glass houses springs to mind,when the leader of the BNP is questioned about the alledeged sale of peerages and when he is responsible for the deaths of our solgiers in an illegal war is the day I will have time for labour politicians.

    The hipocracy is amazing isnt it.I couldnt look myself in the mirror if any leader of mine had done what B liar has done.

  9. If and when they are Roy, indeed I along with majority of decent people on here condemn all forms of terrorism, muslim or otherwise. How about simmliar condemnation for the hatemongers in your camp? Show some spine man and dare you to do the decent thing and condemn them. Jade Goody said something that fits people like you, something about being so stuck up somewhere and mentioned being able to smell something or other :lol:


    Nice try to try to change the agenda on to others but this is the moslem alledged terror thread so keep on topic eh.:thumbsup:

  10. As for the terrorist plot foiled, what have we heard so far, any more news? For surveylance that has been going on for months and details of the plot released, the charges are taking a long time coming, and fuel the conspiracy theories if only out of intregue.




    If and when the moslem alledged terrorists are convicted it will be interesting to hear your comments on it?

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